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The Controversy of Steroids, Alcohol, Tobacco & Drugs

Courtesy of Ric Drasin

For many years now, steroids have been getting a bad rap on the news and in various circles. When an athlete dies, the first thing they point to are steroids. They look no further than the medicine cabinet and point the finger with no conclusive evidence.

It’s no secret that many athletes take steroids to compete and be better at their sport. However, a few years back, there was a disclaimer on a bottle of steroids that said,”will not enhance athletic ability.” So it’s kind of a mixed message to me whether it will help or not. It’s not going to make someone throw the ball any straighter. If anything, it’s more cosmetic and especially in bodybuilding and wrestling, which both sports display flesh.

Studies have shown that there has never been one reporting of someone dying on steroids. Yes, there can be abuse and with also street drugs, alcohol and tobacco. But why center in on steroids?

Up until the mid 1980’s, steroids were legal and doctors could prescribe them. Then the WWE admitted that their wrestlers were on them to look more muscular in the ring. All of a sudden they became illegal. It’s confusing to me why other than that they wanted to make tax dollars on them and have control over sales. This doesn’t really stop anyone because they are readily available in almost any gym or on the Internet. They actually do increase the look of muscle and the synthesis of protein in the muscle and were used for rehab during the war. So it has it’s good benefits and also when a man reaches beyond the age of 40, he begins to lose testosterone in his body and can replace it with testosterone replacement therapy, which is a steroid. This is not a bad thing and can used for anti-aging now days.


Lets get onto alcohol, which is not illegal however people die from liver disease and drunk driving on a daily basis. Just watch the news. But this is legal and because the government makes so much in taxes.

Then you have tobacco, which causes cancer of the lungs, throat, mouth and other parts of the body. Here’s another legal drug that brings in great amounts of revenue so it will remain legal and all they have to do is keep raising the price and make more money. 

The biggest killer of all are street drugs and when in the wrong hands can cause so many variations of death. Pain pills are a huge one. Getting back to wrestlers and steroids, yes, there has been some deaths but rather than blame steroids, take a look at the sports abuse to the body and the amount of pain killers these men have to take. That’s the real cause.

These issues will never be solved or agreed upon but from my personal experience in all the years that I was a bodybuilder and pro wrestler, this is what I was exposed to and in my eyes, I saw what caused most of these issues and it was not steroids.

I’ve been asked many times by people if I took steroids and if I answer yes, their response was, “you know it can kill you.” I asked where they heard this and their answer was the NEWS! My case is closed. Misinformation again!\

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