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Cowboys Fans Go to the Extreme

Staff Report – For Dallas Cowboys fans, a trip to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas is the ultimate in geeking out for your favorite team. But since the Cowboys have been eliminated from the playoffs, and right now the stadium sits empty, and maybe a little sad for fans that bleed true blue, a trip to Hagerman, New Mexico might work as a stand-in. That is where the Olivas family has turned their entire home into a shrine to their beloved Dallas Cowboys – a project of love and obsession that began five years ago, even though their love of the Cowboys goes back much further than that.


From hand painted rocks in front of the house for almost every player on the team, to a star shaped Cowboys wishing well (which clearly didn’t work so well for the game with the Packers), to a ring of honor that circles the walls in the interior of the home, just like the one at the stadium, this house has every possible Cowboys themed appliance, table, chair, rug, and wall hanging you can imagine. And some you may not really want to imagine, if you don’t like the colors of silver and blue.


There is also a hard and fast rule on game day that the Olivas family demands of any guest. If you want to come inside, you must put on a Cowboys jersey. And if you ever dare to root for the other team, you will be forced to sit outside on the porch.


Along with team themes and specific sports themes, you can also go the movie theme route. Darren Mortenson is such a big fan of former Mr. Olympia, former California governor, and the world’s baddest cyborg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, that he built a Terminator themed home theater and entertainment room, and called it – what else – Cyberdyne Cinema.


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