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NPC WPD Competitor Catalina Freitas

Courtesy of Catalina Freitas

Complied by Tim Tibbs – Before I start off I’d  I want to  give a special thanks  to  Mix It Up Sports and MuscleSport Magazine for this opportunity. Thanks Tim! My name is Catalina Freitas and I’m living in Hawaii (Oahu) and 23 years old. I started competing at the age of 19 where I won my first bikini competition. Growing up in 22 foster homes and always being told how I was a troubled child has led me to becoming who I am today.


Being able to control the outcome of my future regardless of not being blessed with the greatest life is where I became addicted to bodybuilding. It seemed as if in bodybuilding, things just fell into place and it belonged. A sport that reveals hard work mentally, physically and financially was the greatest opportunity to have especially to show those who has always doubted what I was capable of becoming. So many don’t ever discover their true potential because they are limited with others opinions OR selfless hope within themselves.


I’d like to be the voice for many who assume it’s impossible to be so successful because they have nothing in life when simply I have already built up half of my career coming from the very bottom. I have won three shows and was able to juggle along with it two jobs with night school on top of not having parents or any family members; all I had was confidence in myself that no matter what I will succeed. 


Every journey I’ve experienced with bodybuilding became my biggest transitions into adulthood, almost as if it took the place of where I should of had parents. Now at 23, my biggest focus is towards becoming Hawaii’s youngest pro women’s physique competitor. I’ll be competing at the 2017 USA’s nationals where I will become vicious mentally knowing I will leave with what I came to get. All my fans and friends are the reason I’m not stopping till I get on the Olympia stage …. only way I can go from here is UP!


A mother who lives in a car mentally ill from the usage of drugs, a father who is incarcerated in an Arizona prison and a brother who followed in my mother’s footsteps but yet through it all I created a young girl with ambition and drive to working harder than anyone in accomplishing all dreams. A sport many cannot endure, but to me it’s my only healing and happiness.



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