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IFBB WPD Pro Andrea Ketterman

Courtesy of Andrea Ketterman

I have been in the fitness industry on and off for over 26 yrs. I started really young in bodybuilding. I did very well and also competed in couples competitions which were alot of fun and has their own set of challenges. I have always loved the lifestyle but it has always been a hobby to me as I pursued a career for 4 years as a police officer in New Castle City P.D in New Castle, delaware where I met my current coach IFBB Pro Fred Smalls from the Training Center Gym.

I competed in Ms. Exercise NPC Collegiate show in Delaware and then I embarked on obstacle course competitions. In 1997, I was injured in one of them and thought that was the end of my  competing. Little did I know my journey had just begun. 

After I healed and got back on my feet, I again attempted the “O” course in 2001 in the Womens TriFitness show run by Al Rosen. It’s a huge show with many different aspects to it. During all this time, I went back to school and received my degree as a registered nurse. And on my down time, I often volunteered at the local animal shelter in Wilmington, De. and assisted at my church with the youth group and chaperoned on many field trips and trips to Creationfest in Shirleysburg, Pa. Agape Farm.I also got involved with running the baptisms at my church and helping out at the homeless shelter soup kitchen.

I love people –  the good the bad and the ugly and I love public service. I always felt like I should have gone into the military but God had other plans for me. I’ve worked as a nurse for years, went back to school, received my BSN in it and have been enjoying my career ever since.

The stage is never far away from me, though it seems. I left the stage for 13 years only to return in 2013 and entered my first physique show – Tracey Greenwood’s in Media, Pa. I took the overall, which sent me to the NPC Nationals in Pittsburgh where I placed 3rd in my class. At the time I was working with Smalls and we decided I would  give it a go again the following year, concentrating on more size and better conditioning, which brought me my IFBB pro card in 2015.

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The Europa Orlando 2016 was my professional debut and it was an awesome experience. I ended up taking 4th place. I suffered a medical issue which brought on a lot of pain on Day Two of the competition and that stopped my plans of doing the New York Pro. I was unable to continue training at that time and had to heal. I took a couple months off to recoup and get back to normal in several areas of my life. Competing is an all encompassing journey for me – it takes all your time, effort and planning to do it right. I hope to return to the stage as I love to perform; time will tell. For now I continue to train, work on my other family goals of purchasing a home and see what 2017 brings.


I appreciate the opportunity to share my life with everyone. Thank you MuscleSport Magazine and MIX IT UP SPORTS! If anyone needs advice or has questions about competing I can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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