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Montreal Personal Trainer Krystle Spence

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Complied by Tim Tibbs – From a very early age, my parents put me into several activities such as gymnastics, swimming, ballet, jazzercise, t-ball, skating, baseball and softball. During the winter months for 10 years, gymnastics was a passion of mine in which I really excelled in. As I got older, I joined an inter-city girls fast pitch softball league, while also playing volleyball on the high school team.


Then came the teenage years where school, work and my social life really kicked in, not leaving much room for sports teams.  At 18, I hired a trainer, started working at a gym, took classes and became very intrigued and motivated into this health lifestyle . Taking courses in esthetics, massage therapy and personal training really reinforced what I was destined to do –  keep my body healthy from the inside and out while also implementing my knowledge to others.

Taking my passion to the next level, I began doing fitness shows in order to learn more and push myself to the limits. I stepped foot on stage in the bikini category for my first show but realized soon afterwards that I was best suited for figure. Now I’m hooked! Doing so gave me great knowledge and confidence and makes for a great addition to training my clients.


Presently I am a full time personal trainer /massage therapist and figure competitor, continuously practicing healthy eating and a balanced training program of weights and cardio.


-6 competitions 
-age 30
-Personal trainer at Monster Gym in Montreal Québéc 
-Sponsors : ANS performance and IL Bolero 
-prepping for cbbf nationals in July 2017 for the second time 




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