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The Must-Have Quintet: 5 Supplements You Cannot Do Without

The seeker walks inside and surveys the situation. Glancing left and right, he monitors his surroundings and the difficulty that stands in the way of success. So many choices and the uncertainty of what to tackle first is merely the initial hurdle that needs to be cleared.

All of that plus the shelves are pretty high at the supplement store.

So make it easier on yourself by narrowing it down to a few important categories. These are five supplements that will fit into any fitness program and keep you going throughout the summer and on.

No doubt that you will see these different supplements reviewed on websites such as Monica’s Health Mag.

1 – Whey Protein

The building block of muscle, high protein intake is a no-brainer and whey is the best form with the highest quality. Consume at least two shakes per day as added grams to what should be a high-protein diet.


 2 – Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCAAs)

An oldie but a goodie, bodybuilders and bodybuilders alike have been taking aminos for decades. The three BCAAs (valine, leucine and isoluecine) are the ones you need to assist in recovery and improve endurance.

3 – Creatine

When this stuff first hit the store shelves in the early 1990s, gym rats thought that they found the ultimate secret weapon. Although it may have lost some of its popularity since then, creatine still promotes lean muscle tissue, increases muscle cell volume and hastens workout recovery.


4 – No2 Boosters

The latest rage on the market are nitric oxide boosters, which give you a nice pump in the gym and keeps it around throughout the day. Great as a pre-workout tool to really see the potential of your vascularity, as well as being a stimulant free pre workout supplement.

5 – Energy Drinks

Not exactly your quintessential supplement, but they are such a big part of the sports/fitness world today, as well as mainstream society. Take your pick; you’ll get a burst from just about any bottle on the shelf.


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