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How to Prepare for Your First Show

By Jane Grates – You’ve been working out for a while, eating right, seeing results, but maybe you want more? Have you hit a plateau and need an extra challenge in your workout routine? This might be a good time for you to consider competing in your first bodybuilding show. Sure, the end goal is rewarding, but there is a lot of work and dedication involved with preparing for the big day. Follow these steps to ensure you implement your strategy with fidelity.


Pick Your Show

It comes down to more than just choosing a date. You need to keep in mind that location and types of shows play a big role in attaining your goals. Do you want to compete at an all natural show? What about wanting to advance to the pro level? Pinpointing your desired outcome will best lead you towards the competition that fits your needs. Plus, don’t feel restricted to just local areas. Many first time bodybuilders travel to different cities for a variety of reasons like cost, judges and categories.


Hire a Trainer

Yes, there is plenty of information out there such as training videos, online blogs, self-help guides, but nothing beats the training of an actual, knowledgeable individual. Personal trainers can help you with not only diverse workouts, but they hold you accountable. Plus, depending on their educational background, they can provide you with a great meal plan and even coach you on posing routines. They really become your right-hand person in the entire process of prepping for the show.


Meal Prep

Meal prepping and food logging is going to be the number one way to keep your goals on track. The coined theory of 80/20 Diet and Exercise is absolutely true. You can workout vigorously, but you won’t get any results if you have a poor diet. Designate Sundays to meal prep for the entire week. Make sure that your meals follow the 35/35/30 ratio with 35% Protein, 35% Carbohydrates and 30% Good Fats for each meal. Meal prepping will also help you with having meals on hand when you’re hitting that mid-week slump from the work week. Stock up on lean proteins like chicken and fish and prepare vegetables in bulk. Plus, you’ll see more money in your wallet as you’ll be eating out less and cooking at home.


Strength Train

Weightlifting is vital in building proper muscle and eliminating fat. If all you have ever done is cardio, you’ll want to change up that routine stat. Weightlifting helps with building and activating muscle fibers to give you that lean look and melt away fat. It also ensures that your body will be burning calories all day long. As your muscles repair themselves, it sends your body into working all day, even when you’re not actually working out. Cardio itself will only torch calories during your routine. Even during crossfit you will need to be prepared with gear. Trusty shoes for crossfit can do wonders to help improve your work-out. You will tone up easier, and have a comfier time doing so.


Build Confidence

You can follow all the steps to get your body there, but your mind needs to catch up to the same positivity. Pose in the mirror a few days a week to work on your form. Take progress pictures to either keep for yourself or post them on your social media channels, if you wish. Choose a great song that you can use during your routine at your show. Groom yourself by making sure your hair, skin and swimwear are all matching how you feel about your body. The way you present yourself and how you exhibit your confidence can be the final determining factor in the judges’ minds.


Have a Burger

Afterwards, don’t feel so guilty about indulging in your favorite comfort food. Now, you shouldn’t go haywire on eating, but have yourself a burger. You deserve it. Prepping for a show would require a strict caloric intake so indulging, especially following show day, is just the cherry on top.


The journey will be long and challenging. But, the rewards are unforgettable. You will have learned so much about your own body and what it takes to maintain it. You may even discover that afterwards, you’ll make a healthy lifestyle change to better eating habits and workout schedules. Perhaps your goal is to make it to the big time and compete as your career. Either way, once you’ve prepped for a show, you are now placed in a category of elite, dedicated and unique individuals.


Jane Grates 

Jane is a bookworm who loves to travel and run. She frequently visits popular running destinations together with her husband. When she is not busy travelling and preparing for races, she manages her websites, Nicershoes, Runnerclick, That Sweet Gift and GearWeAre.

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