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Travel Fitness: Vacation Exercise & Nutrition

By Maurice Bright – I think we can all agree that traveling and seeing the world is crazy gnarly but what’s not gnarly is fitness being completely cast aside in the process. Now I know when you’re on vacation the last thing you want to be concerned with is any type of restrictions and I’m not saying you have to be but I do suggest remaining body conscious as you enjoy yourself.


As your location varies, so will your food choice and that will probably be the biggest challenge of all of this. Whether you’re crashing in hotels from state to state, relaxing on a five star cruise or embarking on a camp trip with some of your best pals, food selection will change and you must be aware of that. You don’t have to stick to strictly salads or 10 grains of white rice to maintain; that’s overboard (cruise joke, ha!) but it’s vital you remember to moderate your intake just as you would at home.


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You can have your Ciroc, Alaskan crab legs and slice of double chocolaty chip cake but keep your macros (macronutrients; in mind while indulging in these mouth watering pleasures. Speaking of macros, you don’t have to be so stern with them while on vacay given the festivities that are sure to take place and what have you but make sure you’re at least in the vicinity of your usual count to minimize any diet damage that may occur. A tactic you can use is simply saving your calories for a pending pigout. For example, if you’re on a weight loss program and your carbohydrates have been relatively low yet there’s a buffet you want to visit later on with your family? Save your carbs for the buffet. There’s always ways to enjoy food while on a diet even when you’re traveling, you just have to be smart about your approach.



What about activities to stay fit? We got you covered; one suggestion is to simply get involved in whatever physical activities the hotel, resort or etc. may be promoting for guests looking to stay in shape. For instance, The Aria Resort in Las Vegas offers a “Hotel Hike” which takes its guests on a tour of the grand hotel past restaurants, the casino and art installations. The escalators are completely off limits during this hike as well which makes this particular activity even more fitness based. If you’re not into things such as that, you can try just visiting the fitness center provided to you by the facility. The only down side to that is typically hotel or resort gyms have limited hours of accessibility and some even possess very little equipment which is a bummer. Don’t fret, where there’s a will there’s a way.


Your hotel gym shut down? Perform a H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) circuit in your room and then go out for a jog for some L.I.S.S (Low Intensity Steady State Cardio) to sightsee while you get a good sweat worked up at the same time! Here’s a H.I.I.T circuit you can try by yours truly that will get your heart pounding, adrenaline racing and those calories burning! – . Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to gain weight that you’re going to look at in the mirror and cry about when back home, be conscious and have a damn good time while doing so. Fitness has no restrictions, no limitations and can add years to your life so no matter where you are; remember to TravelFit! One can carry all your bags and food without the hassle of lugging them everywhere by leaving them at Luggage Storage San Francisco.


Maurice Bright is an ISSA certified personal trainer who also manages his own health and fitness website, in hopes to inform, educate, motivate and inspire whenever possible.

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