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Pole Fitness Instructor Jennifer Scholl

Complied by Tim Tibbs – Jennifer Scholl is the owner of Pink Lemon Studio, the largest pole studio in the St. Louis area and is a pole dancer, aerialist, Go-Go dancer, fitness model and UFE bikini competitor.

After discovering pole dancing classes in 2010, she was quickly hooked on the exercise after her first session. She realized that pole was a full body conditioning exercise and saw her confidence rise as she gained both strength and flexibility.

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Scholl was passionate about her craft to teach the art of pole and began to travel around the country to train with well known pole fitness athletes. Learning from others, she began to see that pole was more than a trend, there were hundreds of pole dancers all over the world! She saw the pole revolution spreading, and she began to see and feel the physical and mental changes in herself.

Scholl developed her own technique based pole training program and has seen marked success with her students ability to achieve pole tricks faster, with safe instruction, and without injury.


Scholl is a licensed BUTI Yoga fitness instructor and licensed RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) who has been featured on Fox 2 news for bringing BUTI yoga to St. Louis. She has also been in articles from the Belleville News Democrat, as well as on radio shows like Talk STL and the Big 550 KTRS.

She decided to challenge herself and entered into the world of competitive pole dancing at the very first Gateway Pole Dance Competition 2013 held in St. Louis, Mo. Adding fuel to her fire, she attended the Midwest Pole Dance Competition 2013 to watch the pole athletes and take more workshops. Later that year she was asked to judge at the Pole Dance America 2014 preliminary held in Kansas City, Mo.

In May 2014, she was part of the judging panel at the Central Pole Dance Championships 2014, held in Chicago, IL. She won 1st place the following year at the Central Pole Dance Championships 2015. In July 2015 she won 3rd place at the Midwest Pole Dance Competition 2015. She looks forward to being more involved with the future of competitive pole fitness.

She is currently training for her first UFE bikini competition in April 2017 and loves seeing the results of a great workout combined with clean eating.

Scholl would love to give a big shout out to MIX IT UP SPORTS and MUSCLE SPORT MAGAZINE for featuring her.


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