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NPC Bikini Competitor Zinnia Sayegh

Courtesy of Zinnia Sayegh

My name is Zinnia Sayegh and I’d to share my story of trials, tribulations and triumphs with you. My story will touch lives and speak directly to your hearts.

My father died when I was only five years old and it left a devastating impact on me. As a child, I didn’t know how to cope with such a loss so I became an emotional eater to cover the pain. As my weight grew out of control, I was bullied and ridiculed. Then tragedy hit my world once more when my sister – and best friend – was killed in an accident. My life, self-esteem, and appearance spiraled out of control. I was lost and fell deep into depression, feeling sorry for myself. I felt like a dead woman walking, so I ate more and more. 

When my weight exceeded 260 pounds, I decided I would no longer be a victim and became committed to taking my life back. With the help of positive people, I started to work out intensely and eat properly. I completely changed my lifestyle and put in the work that it requires to be the best me.

I am now 130 pounds, but I am still a work in progress. I fight every day to not give up, but I know I can do it with the help of my support team. The best part is that I am able to share my story. I am proof that you can accomplish anything if you bet on yourself, set goals and put in the work. I look at my achievements and I am hungry for more.
Now I’m Getting  ready to compete in my first NPC bikini muscle contest show this year.


Facebook (personal), Facebook (fan page), IMDB, Instagram – @zinniasayegh



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