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The Art of Visualized Training

Dennis Ong

By Maurice Bright – Have you ever began a workout with an image implanted in your head about what on your body you want to build and how you’re going to go about building it once this session commences? No? Well, you should and I’m going to tell you why. Everything begins with the brain as we all know. Without a brain you would literally know nothing and be able to do…NOTHING.


The brain/mind controls the body, all the way from its everyday movements to the ability of an individual decoding what is right and what is wrong. In terms of weightlifting, thanks to proven research, greater mental connection with muscle fibers translates to greater muscle activation a.k.a MAKING THEM GAINZZZZZ!!!!! For example, when you’re hammer curling some opposite of light (see what I did there?) dumbbells to obliterate the short and long head of the bicep, really draw your mind into what you’re doing. Visualize how you want your biceps to look in terms of growth, control the weight both mentally and physically, contract the muscle or muscles in whichever way you want optimal activation and block out everything around you besides that muscle being targeted.

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I’m not here to claim visualized training alone will take your 16-inch arms to 19 inches in a matter of minutes, but I am a firm believer that this style of training will provide an individual with a philosophy geared towards more specific muscle work than just generalized weight concern. What I mean by generalized weight concern is typically when a male or female goes into the gym their attention is drawn automatically to how much they’re going to lift that day placing the true essence of muscle building on the back burner. If you’re looking to gain muscle that should be your PRIMARY concern no matter how much weight you’ve previously agreed with yourself on lifting that day. In my opinion, we should all be placing more importance on feeling out a muscle when lifting.

Whether it is squeezing your bi’s for peak contraction on curls or lengthening your arms reach on bent over rows for a maximum stretch and contraction of the lats and traps, you should always sync your brain with your brawn in these exact moments. Think of working out or training as a method of obsessively carving out your desired physique therefore you must tread with precision and pensive presence to achieve this perfect masterpiece. I know, I know…perfection is completely subjective but I was merely referring to that “masterpiece” being whatever goals you’re pursuing. Remember to visualize, train hard, train smart, visualize some more and develop into a brawny brainy beast.


Maurice Bright is an ISSA certified personal trainer who also manages his own health and fitness website, in hopes to inform, educate, motivate and inspire whenever possible.


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