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Wrestling For Autism Benefit Event 4/22

MuscleSport Magazine has the honor of helping promote this wonderful benefit event. James Raymond is an amazing person and parent and we implore our readers to try to make this event or send a donation, no matter how small. Every dollar counts. Tickets begin as low as $10.

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From James Raymond: Ever since my daughter was diagnosed with autism my family has done everything possible to learn about autism. To actually find great resources is very tough a lot of money collected does not actually go to the families in need. What I am trying to do with this autism clothing line is to raise money to donate to families who are in need of help with their care and needs. I am an artist who has been coming up with many tshirt designs to sell to raise money. All proceeds from sales will go to help families. I have spent countless hours raising for autism through charity events and now I want to use my art to do the same.I am now trying to raise money to now get the printing done of the shirts and hats. Anyone who donates will get a personalized 8×10 printing of some of my art work.To see what I have been working on you can check out my facebook.

A lot of autism clothing lines are for profit. Help raise awareness knowing your money is actually going to help others and not line someone’s pockets.


My mission is to raise money and awareness of autism. There are a lot of organizations and companies claiming they are here to help families with autistic children. When it comes to clothing or autism items almost every company I have come across is for pure profit. A lot of companies and organizations say they are there for the families in need yet they are only there to line their pockets.

KO Autism is here to actually help those families. Every dollar made is for pure charity or helping families in need. Each month I will choose a new family in my community to help out.

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