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The Metabolic Damage of Perfectionism – An Inspirational Story of the Cure

Courtesy of Jenny Laurent
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By Jennie Lynn – In December of 2016, I attended an elite Proctor Gallagher event in Toronto, Canada, where I had the immense privilege of meeting Bob Proctor, a world-renowned thought leader and pioneer of personal and professional development. After seeing the movie “The Secret”, I became aware of who he was in all his brilliance, and I fell in love with the concept of the law of attraction. Little did I know that this was the beginning of an exciting journey, and little did I know I would ever aspire to meet this incredible gentleman. It was at this event that I really discovered what my true purpose and passion in life was, and I decided I wanted to work with Bob Proctor and share his message with the world as one of his consultants to help people transform their lives and live freely and abundantly. While telling Bob how I met my amazing husband Brian, I felt inspired to write a book to share our story with the world, and he kindly wrote the foreword for it. I had an unequivocal message to share, and over the course of writing this book, I underwent the very transformation that I intended to have for my readers. It was nothing short of a miracle, and below I will share with you chapter 5 of section 1 of my book, Magnetic Love – Discover Yourself and Attract Your Heart’s Desires.


Along the journey of writing this book, I have been experiencing small shifts in my thinking as I incorporate more and more of Bob Proctor’s teachings in my life and career. I’ve also noticed that the relationship I’ve had with myself has dramatically improved. This book was originally going to be more specific about love and how to find your soul mate. This was because once I learned to love myself, I found the love of my life. But I noticed that some unhealed wounds of my past began to surface as I relived and described some of the lowest and most painful moments of my life. It has really expanded into a magical story of self-healing, self-love, deep introspection, and deeper understanding about the universal laws than I’ve ever know as I raised my own conscious awareness. It truly reminded me how far I have come. What struck me once I finished the book is that I am not the same person that I was when I started writing it. I love myself now more than I ever have in my life, and I experienced almost a miraculous healing. I think you will really enjoy the happy ending of my story and feel many of you may resonate with some of my struggles. 

I will take you back to 2012 when I decided to get into bodybuilding and fitness modeling with a goal to earn my pro card and make it big. To make a long story short, after 16 weeks of a grueling diet and training regimen I hit the stage for my first competition, and I didn’t even place. I told myself that I would never put myself through that again and so I continued on to resume my normal life and just do modeling. After months of rebound, and my body rebelling for the few months I put it through hell, my health took a nose dive. As a nurse, I knew something was wrong and after months of trying to fix it, I wound up stressed out, exhausted, and ten pounds heavier than when I started competing. I found a naturopathic doctor who recognized this and after some diagnostics, I was diagnosed with a very debilitating thyroid disorder called hashimotos, which is basically an autoimmune form of an underactive thyroid. I had just gotten in the best shape of my life and it had quickly been taken away from me, and I fell deep into almost a depression because I was not myself. I was tired, frustrated, hated the way I looked, and completely lost. It took four years for me to research this condition and try to get myself back to at least a healthy weight and feeling like myself.

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