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Gluten-Free is a Nonsense Nutrition Fad

Every so often, someone who wants to make a shitload of money comes up with an idea and prefects it with a scary-sounding warning. The health and fitness industry is perhaps the worst culprit and the latest is the gluten-free craze. How many idiots out there are reaching for these items on the shelves, paying extra for the ‘privilege’ of not having gluten in their diet and yet have no fuckin’ idea what it even is?


Unless you have been properly diagnosed by a doctor as having celiac disease, gluten will do you no harm whatsoever. And f you do fall into that category, you’ll know it due to the pain and discomfort in your digestive tract and an acute case of diarrhea. And just because you’re bloated and shitting water doesn’t mean you have celiac disease, either. You may just be lactose intolerant or have any number of other stomach disorders.

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So if you really feel that you have taken every precaution and still have the symptoms, go to the doctor and have him or her test you. Many wheat products contain gluten so if you do have any sensitivity to gluten, you can adjust your diet as needed.


Just like low fat and low carb diets before it, gluten-free will eventually settle in and be used by people that really need it and there will always be a percentage that don’t but will anyway.

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