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Introducing Carly Martin, Teenage Fitness Enthusiast

Courtesy of Carly Martin

By Carly Martin – I’m only 16 years old, yet health and fitness has truly transformed my life. At this age, I don’t know many other teenagers who incorporate consistent health and fitness into their own lives. I know for myself, and I believe the majority of teenagers think the same, that I never see any girls in high school who are an example of what a healthy lifestyle looks like.

All the famous and sponsored fitness models are either college age or older, therefore making it seem like health and fitness is out of reach for people my age. What I have realized about the mindset of people my age is that they work out as a punishment, not because they want to reward their bodies. Also, they look to food as comfort and as a reward. 

My goal is to become an example and a role model to teenagers like myself, who don’t know much about health and fitness. I would love to demonstrate to other girls that working out and eating right is a form of self-love, not a punishment. Also, I think it is so important for teenage girls to love the body they’re in, even while transforming it.

I have had self-body issues for as long as I can remember. I went from overeating to under eating, but then I researched the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, which includes the nutrients our bodies need, and also appropriate exercise. I love knowing that I can transform my own body and that I can nourish my body.


I want teenagers to know that becoming the best version of themselves isn’t something that is out of reach, or only for older people. I want them to know that they have the power – at any age or shape – to live at their best and enjoy a happy life. If we start instilling health and fitness into teenagers, then I believe that will start to change the way many people live in the future. I would love to get into the fitness industry to be an example to other teenagers, to be an encourager, and to help inform and better other teenagers knowledge of health and fitness.

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