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Lagging Body Parts Solution

So you have a body part or two that just never wants to seem to grow, right? You feel that you are doing everything that you can to jumpstart it but the motherfucker is still as small as shit. Don’t feel bad; you’re far from alone. But the problem is that you’re still not doing enough.

The most common lagging body part is the calves. You can squat more than double your body weight and have quads and hamstrings to kill but your lower body still blows because you have Q-tips below your knees. But answer these questions and if the response isn’t ‘yes’ to all of them, you just solved the problem.


*Do you do more total sets for calves per week than any other body part?

*Do you train calves every day that you are in the gym?

Here lies the problem: Your calves support your fat ass all day while you’re standing and walking so when it comes time to pout them to work, they are already laughing at the measles four sets you get around to doing once a week. You need to engage them and beat the shit out them, basically, to get them to grow.

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But what about overtraining, you may ask? We felt that question was coming so here’s the explanation – if you do it right, you won’t be ‘overtraining,’ which is not an exact science, anyway. Do four sets every day for calves and use the various pieces of equipment available to you so that you’re not doing the same one or two movements. Hit them with a good weight but something that you can handle sets of 12-to-15 reps with.

Give that a good two months and come back to us. And stop the bullshit that you can’t get them to grow; you’ve just been babying them.


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