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James Harden Choking/Partying Not MVP-Caliber Actions

Perhaps it IS all about the money for some professional athletes. Win, lose or draw, they leave work with that proverbial suitcase stuffed with hundred dollar bills. Such seems to be the case with James Harden, who did his best Claude Rains impression in Game 6 of the Western Conference Semi-finals versus the undermanned San Antonio Spurs, who ousted him and his Houston Rockets teammates with a 39-point thrashing in their own building.

The veteran guard scored a meager 10 points on 11 shots, going a paltry 2-for-11 from the field before mercifully fouling out in the fourth quarter. For someone who is considered one of the best players in the league, this was hardly the way to go out. And speaking of going out, that’s exactly what Harden did after leaving the arena. He was spotted at a Houston night club along with Kylie Jenner and a few members of the Houston Texans.


Although the NBA MVP voting takes place before the postseason begins and this pitiful performance cannot be taken into consideration, Harden is hardly a slam dunk to win the prestigious award. He is a one-way player and his lack of effort on defense has become akin to a bad joke around the league.

Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder is the other name being spoken about as a potential MVP winner. It shouldn’t even be a consideration; he is by far the better player.

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