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Common Supplements Can Cause Kidney Stones

It is very common for people to take a Vitamin C supplement as a preventive maintenance against colds and the same holds true for calcium to strengthen their teeth and bones. But it is also very common for these two compounds to be the main cause of kidney stones developing in both men and women.

Calcium pills are worse for men to take, but they can also have the same result for women when taken on a daily basis. Vitamin C tablets taken every day have been a cause of kidney stones developing, but they can be used in moderation. The best bet is to not use them until one feels a cold coming on.


So what exactly is a kidney stones? They are small and hard mineral deposits that crystalize in the kidneys and can come about from a litany of reasons, one being hereditary and another being diet. People who get them are prone to have them again, but not necessarily. If you can identify the reason why and then eliminate that, you should not have to go through what could be an intense painful period until the stones pass through the urinary tract. If they are hereditary, however, you can only lessen the risks by not adding to them.


So if you’re taking calcium and/or Vitamin C tablets every day, there’s a good chance you will sooner or later develop a kidney stone. Better off not finding out the hard way.

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