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No Check List To Be a MSMer, If You Will…

One should be thankful when others support them and/or their product, especially when that same support has propelled you to the top of your game in your respective industry. But there are a number of people in the topsy turvy world of bodybuilding who have either chosen to forget this mantra or not give a fuck enough to abide by it.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, here’s a quick explanation: MuscleSport Media/MuscleSport Magazine may in fact be a media outlet, but we like to view it as a movement, as well. An entire attitude goes with what we do and the way we do it. Sure, we want you to buy our products and watch our shows; it is a business and if we make no money, we can’t continue. But we also want you to get something more out of it… to become a part of it along with us.

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If that sounds hokey, it’s because it is. But it’s the truth, too. And that’s why we have the “Readers of the Issue” and “In the Public Eye” sections in the magazine where we publish the readers’ photos and recognize their support for us. And we also run our shows so there is a lot of interaction with the viewers. We have become to know many of you out there this way and even in one instance (so far), hired one of the guys supporting mSm to work with us for a monthly salary (which we wish could be more, but finances are what they are).

We like to feel that all of you who support us are an MSMer, if you will, and we have no set ground rules to become one. It would almost seen ridiculous to have to say that, but there’s a reason why we did.

Two separate people have reached out to us (one via Instagram DM; one during our live feed for the 5/15/17 episode of “The Gregg and Joe Show”) asking for help in promoting each of them so that they can grow their Instagram following to eclipse 2,000 people. Now, if this was a simple request for themselves, we would have no problem doing so. But it was so that they can become a 5%er.

Sure, we have always supported Rich Piana and the 5%ers with multiple magazine covers, features, videos, recurring magazine departments, thousands of social media posts, etc. But having certain parameters in place before one is allowed to ‘officially’ support a company is total bullshit, in our opinion.

So before passing judgement, we decided to visit Piana’s website in case either we or the two ‘prospects’ were in error. But, lo and behold, there it was in black and white. (Well, really black and red, but you get the idea.)

To become a 5% Nutrition Sponsored Team Member (which there is no further explanation what that entails), you have to first become a Trial Team Member and fill out an online form (as if this were an employment application). But don’t pass Go and try to collect your $200 just yet – there are three strict requirements that must be met. 

You have to be 18 or older (which we understand, but they do have a 10-year-old girl on the team, so this is actually not written in stone), have 2,000 or more Instagram followers on a public account AND have an inspirational story or be at the top of your field in business, athletics, etc.

So if someone is someone is merely the assistant custodian at their job, they have no chance of ever becoming a 5%er. Or if they play on a beer league softball team that lost in the finals.

One of those ‘prospects’ did attempt to justify it by stating that 5% will give him a coupon code that he can promote and then he would get a percentage of every sale he generates. That’s called an affiliate program and useless as tits on a bull for the poor fuck doing the legwork for pennies on the dollar. He/she is becoming a marketing machine for someone else and not themselves. Why? 

If you’re wondering what it takes to become a MSM Sponsored Team Member (which we will use for the sake of this post), don’t be concerned about any silly rules or criteria that must be met. Just support our product and we’ll support you. (And that’s another thing that no one else out there does. They treat it as a one-way street.) We’ll publish your photo in the magazine and repost your social media posts. We’ll get to know you by first name and look forward to meeting you and hanging out at events, expos, shows, etc. And we will not just take a photo with you, but ask you to do the same with us. We want to post that photo as much as you do.

We don’t give a flying fuck if you have any social media followers and how many. That’s not the point. We want your support and hopefully there will be more to come if the product is good. Put it this way – if you do not even own a computer and send us a Polaroid photo supporting us via snail mail, we’ll print it.

And we’re not dangling any carrots out there for you, either. We did hire Camerica Muscle and that doesn’t mean we won’t keep adding to our staff. But we want you to only support us if you like the product and what we are doing – which no one else in this industry can or will do like us.

We’ll leave you with this: It’s not about what you can do for us but rather what we can do for you. Isn’t that just basic business customer service? Unfortunately, many of these other people out there have long forgotten that.


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