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What Separates C.T. Fletcher From Many Others

During the 5/18/17 episode of “Ask Me Anything – MuscleSport Mag Style,” a question came up about the different people we have put on our magazine covers and if there should be a prerequisite for them to promote it. Right away, that was answered in the negative and by no means should there ever be a check list for someone in order to be considered or placed on our cover.

We like to use people for our covers that fit our agenda – hardcore, massive, crazy looking, balls-to-the-wall approach… you get the idea. No pretty boys or ‘men’s bikini’ competitors here. Our tag line is ‘Unfiltered Hardcore Bodybuilding,’ so we have to hit a home run every time out. So the main idea is to stick to that mantra and give the readers what they want.


With that said, it would seem like a natural if the person on the cover promoted it. They would be promoting themselves, right or wrong? And who in this fucked up bodybuilding industry doesn’t enjoy self-promotion? Besides, having your mug on a magazine cover – even a grassroots one like ours – is pretty fuckin’ cool. So it beehoves them to at least acknowledge the fact that they are on a cover and do the bare minimum to promote it. But not everyone seems to see it that way.


Such is NOT the case with C.T. Fletcher, who was promoting his appearance on MuscleSport TV and his then-upcoming magazine cover on our new Spring 2017 issue. He was not only Liking our posts, but reposting them, commenting on them and creating his own posts about MSM. And he was humble and grateful about everything, too, which did not go unnoticed. A different experience, indeed, for us with some of the bullshit that has gone on in the past.

Fletcher even jumped in on the Instagram Live feed a few weeks ago on The Gregg & Joe Show. We did not ask him to do it or pre-plan anything. He took it upon himself to be a part of our show. A true gentleman!

We barely began promoting his cover when the issue arrived from the printer before Fletcher once again took to social media and did the same. We were blown away by this man and what he has done for us.

Fletcher ‘gets it,’ unlike some of the other folks we have put on our cover.


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EDITOR’S NOTE: Besides doing all of this, Fletcher also is the type of person who responds when we have reached out to him. When we first began inquiring about him doing the MSTV interview and the magazine cover feature, he was very accommodating and it was apparent when we met him in person at the Arnold Classic expo. 

And in case you’re curious as to who has been on the cover and NOT accommodating, you don’t need to be a detective to get there. You can immediately eliminate the ones who are also our regular columnists and have been on our shows (Lee Priest, Bostin Loyd, Jerry Ward). No more clues…

Business is business and all of us are trying to make money. Sure, we benefit from the cover subject promoting it more than they do. But it’s a two-way street and having a print magazine cover is a nice thing to say you have . Why someone would simply disregard it  – especially when they have no other covers to point to – is puzzling, to say the least. It just goes to show you a person’s character and what they’re all about. At least we know what type of person Fletcher is and we are honored to know him and have him in our cover gallery.

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