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‘Click Farms’ Make Social Media Numbers Pure Bullshit

Let’s say your favorite bodybuilding personality has over one million followers on his or her social media page and touts that number as if it made them royalty. While that may appear impressive on face value, there are a good amount of people who pay for these exorbitant stats.

Likes and follows can be purchased and administered through what is called click farms that operate globally, with many in third-world countries. Below is a video shot in China and they have set up shop using thousands of mobile phones that work 24 hours/7 days a week as if they were real people liking and following many of the guys that you look up to as being organically popular enough to garner those numbers legitimately.


Everything is not as it appears to be and the bodybuilding/fitness industry is no exception. Put it this way – if someone will put so much shit in their bodies (steroids, HGH, insulin, synthol, etc.) to stand out in a crowd, why wouldn’t they shell out thousands of dollars in order to stand out in that same crowd, numbers-wise?

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