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MSM Reader Spotlight: Guiseppi Cofone

By Guiseppi Cofone – I was raised by my mother and it was just the two of us, as I never knew my father; he doesn’t even know I exist. I was a very rambunctious and out of control child, according to my mother. I needed special help, but unfortunately the form of special help I received was brainwashing by psychologists and mind-altering drugs like Ritalin. According to the doctor, I had an uncommon rare disease called ADHD. Obviously, I know it’s not a disease and I’m just kidding. I say it like that because they were trying to fix me as if I was broken.

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It was as if kids weren’t supposed to be hyper, bouncing off the walls and full of their own drive and motivation. I have a three-year-old little boy now and he’s like a little Leonidas leading his own army, waving his own sword, enduring his own battles But he’s three! So I bring him back to reality and let him know I’m Leonidas and I said go to bed – now!

I was never a heavy young child, but as I reached the age of 10, the weight gain was uncontrollable. By the age of 13, I fell in love with video games – a sick and serious addiction. I loved to play competitive games and online, of course, yelling cursing and arguing over a headset like a maniac and those games have rounds and matches and in-between I’d stuff my face with anything I could find in the house. So I would literally spend my hours playing video games and eating past my body’s willing limits.


I truly believe the medicine I was taking altered my endocrine system in a negative way, but eventually I refused to continue taking them. I also remember not feeling like I fit in because out of all my friends, I was the only one who needed to take medication to be normal.

It wasn’t until high school at 15 years old that I began working out. I was tired being the fat kid and I never had a girl friend or was even taken serious. I eventually accomplished my goal weight then became the biggest egotistic douchebag!

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Every girl that I had tried to get with when I was fat now paid attention to me, so out of immaturity and resentment, I treated them like trash, never being faithful and it was always on to the next.

I have plenty more to talk about, but I’ll just skip the shortcomings, near-death experiences and potential incarcerations. After all that hard work I put in to lose weight, unfortunately I gained it all back and some. But I know exactly why because the reason I lost the weight in the first place wasn’t strong enough to keep the weight off. It wasn’t until after my son was born that I started rapidly climbing up in weight again

By the time my son was one, I had gained 70 pounds. I remember waking up the day after my son’s first birthday party and threw my iPhone to my wife and said, ‘Babe, please take a picture. I need to start losing weight immediately (picture on the left).’ I was so sick and tired of it and knew I possessed the ability to do so, but now my motivation is not just for me, it’s to be healthy for my family. Being overweight and unhealthy like that yields so many potential negative side effects. But also knowing that I’ve been to a place where I used to be active and somewhat in shape was bothersome to me because I knew I I once was there.

Currently today I’m in the best shape of my life and I never would have thought I would be competing in a bodybuilding competition (in June). It just goes to show you that when you’re persistent, you never know what doors may open. Now what’s on the other side of this door? I don’t know yet! I’m just about to walk through and when I to get on the other side, I’ll be sure to let you know. Just be positive no matter what is thrown at you. I can’t get into detail right now, but there was a lot of oppositions that came my way during these last two-and-a-half years. But through it all, my trust was in God.

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