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Carb Cycling: Can It Work For You?

If you want to gain muscle and lose fat, then carbohydrate intake will certainly be one of your main concerns? How much is enough? When should you eat them? Yes, the questions are aplenty for this subject and the more you read up on it, the more confused you get. But guess what – you have to use the trial and error method until you find out that works best for your metabolism and ability to use the benefits of carbs without depleting yourself of them.

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A macronutrient breakdown consists of the percentage of protein, carbs and fats in your diet. Obviously, one high in protein and low in fats is kind of a staple but then you mix carbs into the equation and it gets a little trickier. One way of seeing how your body reacts to them is to cycle carbs, something that sounds complicated but really is not.

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Let’s break it down in simple terms. If you want to give carb cycling a shot, then there are three days you should rotate: high carb, low carb, and no carb. Even on the days when you are eating carbs, try to concentrate them into your earlier meals before dinner. And speaking of meals, eating six or seven small-to-moderate sized ones are preferable over three larger ones.


Now let’s talk about the types of carbs you should be eating. Stick with the ‘good’ version, which includes whole grain breads, brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, beans, etc. While fruits and vegetables are considered carbs, per say, allow yourself to eat them when you feel like it, especially green vegetables. If you want to get very technical and feel the need to count every gram, please feel free to do so. But the average guy or girl reading this doesn’t have the time or patience to count each and every gram. So use your judgment and on the days when you are eating lower carbs, cut the portion in half from the high carb days.

In all likelihood, you will look your best on the low carbs days, but not have that extra pep in your step. A little bloating may be experienced on the high carbs days and you’ll have a little extra energy. So it may be a good idea to try and schedule the high carb days for your longest workout (and cardio session) while making the no carb day either a shorter workout or even rest day. The low carb days are obviously somewhere in the middle, so you will get the best – and worst – of both worlds.


This little experiment may take a few weeks and should give you the answers you’re looking for. Make an assessment of how you feel on all three days and what the turnaround time is. Most likely, you’ll be able to settle on an amount of carbs that gives you what you’re looking for and results in how you want to look.


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