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Safe Personal Training and Finding a Quality Trainer

Elite Personal Training Does More Than Show You the Way


By Matthew Sgro


The job, I believe, of a Professional Personal Trainer is to educate, motivate and inspire their clients to improve their lives by helping them reach a higher level of fitness. This is accomplished in many ways, one of them being resistance training. Whether it be with free weights, bands or machines, strengthening the muscles makes them leaner and stronger. Holding more muscle pushes the body to burn more fat. While you’re training, especially in a circuit training style, you WILL burn calories. This article is about training, so I won’t delve into nutrition, but it does play a major factor and any quality personal trainer should address it.

A couple exercises that should never be attempted in personal training session are:

Behind the Neck Barbell Presses and Behind the Neck Pulldowns.

If you learn nothing else from me as a Professional Personal Trainer, please take this: Behind the neck with a bar puts the rotator cuff in a bad postition. The rotator cuff is a group of four small muscles that stabilizes the shoulder.

When interviewing or doing a sample session with a personal trainer take mental notes.

Are they more concerned with locking you into a year of personal training? Are they trying to sell you? Do they listen to you? Will they get in contact with your orthopedic, chiropractor and any other professional you’ve worked with to discover your special conditions? If not, buyer beware.

Be safe. Good luck in finding a quality personal trainer that does it for the right reasons (to help people) and enjoy your fitness journey.

Matthew Sgro, in addition to being a MuscleSport Mag staff writer, is the President and Founder of Elite Personal Training Studios, Inc. and Boot Camps with a Purpose, Inc., located in Exton, PA. For details, visit

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