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Tony Huge & Coach Trevor Join MuscleSport Media

We are proud to announce that there are not one, but two ‘huge’ additions to MuscleSport Media. Anthony Hughes, aka Dr. Tony Huge, and Coach Trevor from Enhanced Athlete will be seen across all of our media platforms with a magazine column beginning with our Summer 2017 issue and a monthly program on the MuscleSport TV Network entitled “From the Desk of Dr. Tony Huge.”

Hughes will also be the subject of our Fall 2017 magazine cover.

“We will be contributing to the MSM video and print presentations with cutting edge bodybuilding science and of course shenanigans as we take over the fitness industry by crushing ignorance and pioneering human evolution… in between our busy schedules of Thailand ladyboy adventures and racing Ferraris, of course,” Hughes commented.

MSM publisher Joe Pietaro added, “This is going to be a great addition to our media outlet and guys like Tony and Trevor are a perfect match for us, taking our ‘bodybuilding entertainment’ mantra to an even higher level.”


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