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Eddie Robinson Has Graced 86 Covers in His 33-Year Career

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The cooling afternoon breeze did little to comfort the teenager as he sat across from ‘The Master Blaster’ himself listening to a pitch that would end up being a life changer. The road a young man takes depends on many factors and this conversation was one that would go a long way in determining the direction and a career choice, one that ultimately resulted in being featured on 85 magazine covers over the years. (86 counting this one.)

Eddie Robinson was only 19 but still a hot commodity due to his many talents: boxing, football, power lifting and – most recently at the time – bodybuilding. So to find himself sitting in the back yard of Joe Weider and having to contemplate so much would make even someone with years of experience fidgety, let alone a young gun leaning towards playing college football.

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“We discussed the pros and cons of football versus competing and being a spokesperson for Weider publications and nutrition,” recalled Robinson, who as an Akron native had a dream to play for Ohio State. “I had just won the 1984 Teen Mr. USA and now was being offered to train and become educated on being the best of my genetic potential by using his Weider Principles.”

Robinson decided to forego the gridiron for the Iron Game and went on to defeat Shawn Ray at the 1986 NPC Junior Nationals. Another round of discussions at the Weider residence in Woodland Hills, California resulted in Robinson signing a four-year contract and he eventually earned his IFBB pro card by winning the 1989 NPC USA Championships.

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