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Legal Steroids in Two Steps: DHEA-based Prohormones Close to the Real Thing

Back in the late 1990s, Mark McGwire got a lot of attention after getting caught with a bottle of “Andro,” a prohormone, in his locker. Up to that point, nutrition stores sold all the prohormones. Andro, Androdiol, Nor Andro…even GHB analogues that were legal. But it wasn’t long before they were banned. These were called the one-star conversions, meaning it was one compound and in one step in the body, it converted to testosterone or deca. Pretty amazing right? Well, they were pulled thanks to the media hype and all the baseball bullshit that was going on. Gone forever.

Then around 2007, a new version of these prohormones came along called pro-steroids. They actually convert to the steroid in the body via another pathway. Tren, EQ, even 1-methlytest was legal, and along with them, the grey market unlabeled actual steroids. SUPERDROL was one of them and was ten times more potent than Anadrol-50 and available online and on the store shelves. Either way, along with these steroids best rated testosterone boosters are meant to help you recover faster and build bigger, stronger muscles.


That lasted about two years before they, too, were taken off the market. The side effects were NASTY. Gyno, hair loss, liver enzymes going up, acne, aggression, high blood pressure…all the steroidal side effects. And high school kids were getting them; this was the issue. Sixteen-year-old boys with bitch tits, thinning hair and worse-than-normal acne. Parents freaked and just like that they were gone.


Things on this front were quiet for a while until the last year or so when a new prohormone had arrived, one that cannot be classified as illegal. Its base is DHEA. You may ask why is this version legal? First off, in the late 1990s, DHEA was made legal as a supplement and will remain this way as there is no danger from it at all. These new prohormones are a two-step conversion from DHEA to testosterone (1-testosterone). Although not as potent as the old Andro, these new prohormones pack quite the punch. So far there are testosterone, 1-testosterone, deca, EQ and a host of other hormones they covert to.

Also just give a hit to best sex pills for men review to get best sexual health along with steroids. So is this good or bad? With all the black market bullshit out there nowadays, these products are real pharma grade and will do what they are supposed to do – convert. So you know what you are getting and what they are doing; no guess work or wondering.


Back in the day, most people would have just gone the steroid route. But over time, the lack of quality and increasing danger of the black market, as well as the legalities and people getting locked up and paying large fines, the new pro hormones are a nice alternative.


WARNING: Prohormones are NOT for kids. Don’t even bother unless you’re 20 and older. They can cause side effects in some people, although not as bad as steroids. On-cycle support is always a good idea, as well as a PCT. Make sure you know what you are doing and understand what these substances are all about before delving in.


Here is an example of an 8-week prohormone cycle for an advanced lifter only:


Week 1-8: on cycle support product daily

Week 1-8: 200 mg day of 1-Andro daily

Week 1-8: 200 mg of 4-Andro daily

Week 8: 12 PCT formula such as Mega PCT


Moving ahead, there are new alternatives and stronger things coming out all the time and being improved on. It’s actually an exciting time for someone who wants that grey market hardcore product right now.


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