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MSM Reader Spotlight: Matthew Howard

Inspirational stories come across our desks from time to time and they never get old. Perhaps for once, the bodybuilding/fitness industry is not a cut throat business and something positive comes out of it. That’s how these inspirational accounts make an impact.

So when an Instagram user by the screen name of howard6570 joined in on one of our Instagram live feeds and shared his story with us, we immediately knew that this was something that we wanted to bring to the masses.

His name is Matthew Howard and he suffers from Parkinson’s disease, but that does not keep him out of the gym. On the contrary, Howard uses it as motivation to kick the shit out of each and every workout and make it help him make improvements in his overall health and welfare, as well as his physique.


“I was recently diagnosed (with Parkinson’s disease) but I was like, ‘Hell, I’m still going to keep lifting because I see a diamond at the end of the tunnel and I won’t stop until I’m the champion,’ says Howard, 30. “I want to be Mr. Olympia so bad… just one time!”

A rough past that began when Howard was six years of age and under included regular beatings by his own grandfather and being in the same room when his mother murdered his brother “just for crying and she could not handle it,” he grimly recalls. His father was never in his life so with a huge void in his family life, Howard turned to the gym.

“The only way to get the pain out of the way was to work out,” Howard says matter-of-factly.

Sure, it may be a daily struggle for Howard. But that just gives him more fuel to succeed and do things that someone else in his position may never even make an attempt at doing.

And his parting words solidified that.

“I’m going to get it done, to be the champion.”

You already ARE a champion, Matthew Howard.


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