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Morning Wood: Waking Up Without a Hard-on the First Sign of Low Testosterone

Remember the mornings when you woke up with a steam pipe? In your youth, throughout your 20s and most of your 30s, your penis was awake before you and rolling over to hit the snooze button was even a chore with that hard-on. But as middle-age began to sneak up on you, those instances became less frequent and if you’re a ‘fortysomething,’ probably gone for quite some time. But not forever.

One of the first signs of having a low testosterone level is a lack of morning erections. Plain and simple. Sure, there are many other symptoms such as fatigue, low libido and energy, etc. but this is one that will – or better said, will not – hit you in the face each and every day.

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Get your ass over to your doctor’s office and have him draw blood to see what your testosterone levels are. Anything lower than 500 ng/dL and you have probably gone a long time since they were even in the low end of what is considered normal.

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Some doctors feel that 250-to-500 is the safe zone but don’t settle for that. You  – nor he or she – would be fine with a blood pressure just under what is considered high, right? So if you’re going to go on testosterone replacement therapy, do it right and get those levels in the 850-to-1,000 area.

And you’ll know when it has kicked in – first thing in the morning. Welcome back.

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