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Old School Workout No. 3 – Robby Robinson’s Heavy/Light

By Ian DuckettFor those who are familiar with my writings, articles, blogs and such, you will be aware of my time spent with the great Robby Robinson last September. It was an experience and an inspiration I will never forget. I was well and truly schooled in getting the most from all my bodybuilding, nutrition and lifestyle endeavors.

The visit and time spent with Robby had a massive influence on many areas of my life, we have since become great friends that communicate regularly. Robby instilled in me a better balance of all things in my life. I work too much and spread myself too thin- Robby noted this and constantly prompted, “Look after Ian.” I have since been calmer and more in control of business and my health.

I picked up so much from the man that I feel I look better in general, not just in a bodybuilding sense but in brightness about myself. I have always been a ‘health nut’ — I eat well and all that goes with it- but my work life was out of balance. I feel in balance now- in many areas of my life. Therefore my body shows an improvement as I am not right on the wire of overtraining/overwork.


So guys take note—life has to be in balance. Enjoy this new program and look after YOU.

After two old school programmes with growth weeks between them my plan – as of time of writing this – it is six weeks till my guest pose. With that in mind I have set a planned workout program for the duration. The workouts are based on Robby’s heavy week, light week programme that he follows now. With there being a heavy-light balance here, I feel this close to the show that I can run out six weeks, as the light weeks will afford a little recovery from the heavy work.

I also want to work this programme as I have been using many of the techniques that I absorbed from Robby. Mainly style of exercise and concentration- also body positioning for the most stimulus to the target muscles and they have worked wonders. How much further can I go?


Robby is over visiting in 5 weeks time and our programmes will just fall right together when we spend a week training together prior to the Yorkshire guest spot, so I want to work the work the program even more prior to his visit. Being part of and being an ongoing part of Robby’s master plan– is a learning experience you could use for life.


I have 28 years experience in this game, Robby some 45 or more. The wealth of knowledge he has is unreal- I felt like I was starting all over again– now I am on another level. This is fantastic for me, my clients and my business- not to mention my lifestyle. For more info on Robby’s master plan or being a part of Robby’s online advice go to


As you can gather I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Robby. At 63 he just blows my mind, he has everything right. My goal is to be as good as I can be as I age. I am 43 now and my immediate goal is to be better than I have ever been at the guest spot- then set a new target on a healthy body and mind as the years tick by. I have no intention of slowing down any time soon. It’s funny, as you age you will look at someone older and better for a lofty level to attain. It’s hard when you are young to comprehend just how awesome it is to hold back and even regress somewhat the ageing process.

In the Rocky Balboa movie Mason Dixon comes over to Rocky after the fight and says “You are one crazy old man.” Rocky replies “You’ll get there.”  It comes to us all if you are lucky enough. So look after yourself now.

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The Programme

This programme is based on the exercises I worked on with Robby, the movements he uses now and some that he did in the past. One thing here- you must get the new Master Class DVD. The DVD will be the most informative you will ever buy, trust me. You will love it, it’s available in May. It covers every little nuance, technique and angle in great detail.

I have structured this programme for me– based on techniques, inspiration and knowledge I have soaked up from Robby. To tailor a routine to your needs study everything Robby produces, or join his Natural Anabolic Pack Programme on his site. Here he will help you structure a programme and eating plan for your goals.

Now, let’s get down to work.

Day One

Chest & Back

Started this morning, Week one of 6- Heavy week.

Incline Barbell Press

3 sets- after warm ups.

Set one 12 reps- Set two 8-10 reps- Set three 6-8 reps- adding weight each set, 10lbs or so.

Each rep is controlled with a slight pause at the top and bottom. Hold the stretch, tense and squeeze the contraction.

Robby calls these pause reps



Flat Dumbbell Press

Again 3 sets here and paused reps. I made a concentrated effort to tense the pecs as hard as I could on each rep and not drop out of the contraction

12 reps- 8-10 reps- 6-8 reps- adding weight each set.

Flat Flyes

These again- for 3 sets, a deep stretch and a nice arc up, but stopping just off the top to keep tension on the pecs.

I squeezed here also 12- 8-10- 6-8- Again adding the weight up.


Are the first back exercise.

Again paused reps. I have been using weight over the last few weeks but back to no weight again.

I paused in the stretch and really felt the lats open up and paused in the contraction at the top, as in doing a back bicep pose.

3 sets, I got 15- 12- 10. I will aim at the reps going up over the coming weeks.

T Bar Rows

A Robby favourite, an awesome movement for width and thickness.

I did a warm up set then worked on the now base of 3 adding weight sets. 2 plate-for 12, 3 plate-for 8, 3.5 plate-for 6. To give you a pointer on this, I kept a tight arch in my back and did not pause on this- but I did do them slow and controlled and tensed the lat’s hard at the contraction.

Low Pulley Rows

This exercise is coved in great detail in the Master Class DVD- This was a completely new technique to me and a real killer for the whole back. I have done low rows this way since last September. I have to say I have always had a good back but this year it has improved even more.

My style of training, like I said earlier, is much more focused on the muscle and I have a much better quality to the muscle now.

3 sets here 12- 8-10 and 6-8 adding the weight up.

I finish this day’s training with some ab work.

Day Two

Shoulders & Arms


Seated Dumbbell Press

After warm ups this is the first movement of the day.

I will use a bench set at around 85 degrees —I will keep a perfect posture on this and work throughout a good range of motion.

Again here I will use the pause rep system.

A pause in the stretched position- keeping tight and a pause in the contracted position, squeezing the delts like hell.

Adding weight each set- 12 – 8-10 and 6-8 slow controlled reps.

Seated Lat Raise

Sitting on the end of an exercise bench with a tight arch in my back I will lean slightly forward a few degrees.

Chest high, shoulders in perfect alignment.

This is the position set up that Robby was a stickler about.

Correct body positioning first and foremost.

From this set up I will raise the dumbbells from my hamstrings and raise out directly to the sides. As I raise I will tip the thumbs down slightly at the top position and hold for a second.

These are done super strict, absolutely no body swing at all. All delts and concentrating hard for 3 sets, 12- 10- 8 adding the weight up each set.

Bent Over Lat Raise

These are performed standing and bending over at the waist.

Body position set correct.

Again they are a super strict movement with arms slightly bent with a slow, controlled raise the dumbbells in line with the shoulders- as if you are doing a flat bench flye.

3 sets here of 12- 10 and 8 reps adding weight each time.

Barbell Curls

These I will do so many reps in a normal smooth style and pause rep them as the set goes on. Setting my body structure right again before pushing the reps on.

The speed is smooth with a definite contraction. To make myself think of the pause and contraction I count the reps to myself. This is what Robby does to alter the timing of a contraction so he doesn’t rush the reps. He count’s out under his breath.

“That’s one of them”. “That’s two of them” and so on—this keeps the speed smooth and steady.

3 sets adding 10lbs or so on each set—12—10—8.

Concentration Curls

I have not done these since I filmed my old school DVD but I do like them and am looking forward to working them hard.

This again is an exercise that has to be done just right.

Working one arm at a time with a moderate dumbbell.

Think of the angles always when you are doing the movement.

I will tense the muscle as hard as I can at the top and let the contraction release slowly back to stretch position.

Back to back sets- one arm 12 reps- other arm 12.

More weight- 8-10 reps each arm

Weight up again- 6-8 each arm.

Overhead Triceps Extension

I can remember seeing an article years ago in Muscle Builder. The forerunner to Muscle and Fitness, the article was covering a shoulder and arm workout performed by Robby and Denny Cable.

The movement of choice for these two awesome athletes for the mass for the triceps was the overhead extension.

The pictures and text jumped from the page—fantastic black and white shots in the old Gold’s gym—I have never forgot it.

Sitting upright with their backs against a preacher bench.

They had an EZ bar and performed them stretching low in control behind the neck, just bending from the elbow joint. They then pressed up using only the triceps with the upper arms staying close to the head.

The movement was squeezed up and contracted hard.

Robby was, even then a stickler for style of a movement and constantly prompted his training buddy to keep the movement strict.

He also explained that this movement works the hanging belly of the triceps, giving size to the arm in a double bicep pose.


Good old pushdowns, I have not done in a while so I am looking forward to being sore with these two triceps exercises.

I used to really power them, now I do them slow and controlled, full range and squeeze like hell.

Here again 3 sets adding weight for 12- 8-10 and 6-8 reps.

On this day’s training I will wrap up with some hanging leg raises and crunches for 3 supersets.

Day Three

When I trained with Robby I was amazed not only at the strictness of style that he had and has– but also how strong he is.

I remember doing legs with him and we were on a light week and doing 10 plates a side on the leg press!!

He was doing this very easy- working it but very much in control.

The rep speed was flawless and the depth of the rep-perfect- he also squeezes hard at the top of the movement.

On a heavy week he works with 1200lbs, this is at 63 and not little half reps but full and deep ones.

With this in mind I am going to start my leg programme with this movement

3 sets here for 20- 15 and 10-12 reps.

As it’s a heavy week I will then move to Squats- the whole leg musculature will now be pre fatigued.

After one warm up set I will add weight to the bar for 12 reps- add up for a set of 10 and add up for a set of 6.

I will perform these deep and controlled with my body in perfect alignment.

Next up are Leg Extensions- these I pause rep contracting hard at the top and pausing on the stretch without letting the weight stack touch.

These I will combo with Leg Curls, again same rep style and quality.

To finish leg day I will do 3 sets of Seated Calve Raises.

These I do for 10 reps. Robby really got some range out of me when I did them with him. 3 sets of 10 reps.

This workout finishes Week One- heavy week.

Light Week

Robby’s goal in this week is to give the muscle you are working something different- a new feel- to pump as much blood into there as possible.

There is no set structure as such to the exercises in this week.

He does know what he is going to do before he enters the gym but there are so many variations he uses in this week of workouts.

One such structure is on the DVD and in the Robby article on this site.

Another may be that he super sets or giant sets everything.

Again the goal is to attack the muscle and flush the hell out of it.

One chest workout he did recently consisted of Incline Dumbell Press and Incline Cable Flyes supersetted for 3 sets.

A leg workout may consist of Lunges, Sissy Squats, Leg Extensions and Leg Curls. In a nutshell he works hard and fast and no workout covers more than 45mins– heavy and light weeks.

Arm and Shoulder work will incorporate more cable work- overhead rope extensions, one arm cable curls, rear delt cable work- you get the idea.

The light weeks give the muscle a different stimulus and work other aspects of the muscles- that are also responsible for size, condition and shape.

Living Clean

It’s no big news that I am a bit of a health nut. I eat clean all the time, stay in shape all year. I thought I was way up there on the scale of things. When I met Robby- I found another level to aspire to. His eating habits and supplementation programme are just awesome. The strategies I picked up from him have worked wonders for me this last year.

I’ve had better recovery- more fullness to the muscles- skin improvement (remember I am 43) in tightness and tone around the muscles. I am looking forward to standing on stage with my improved physique. I am sure others will also notice an improvement and I will be bombarded with emails, saying tell me what you have been doing!!

At the start of this article I mentioned age and taking care of yourself. If you are young with not a care in the world, I would still recommend that you seek the knowledge that can be sourced from the man or myself. The years tick by so fast- you only get one body, one chance to be your best, one chance to live the life of a bodybuilder, and a great one at that, so invest the time now.

Remember, look after YOU.

Ian Duckett-

Ian Duckett is the UK’s most formidable and sort after personal trainer and was training clients before Personal Training was in Vogue. He is a natural for life athlete and has been at the forefront of natural bodybuilding for 20 years, winning such titles as ‘Mr Natural Britain’ twice and the European title. He has also placed 4th in the World Championships on two occasions and recently won the World title, also the Pro Am – He is a reputed Powerlifter, winning 6 titles and placing 2nd in the British finals.

His passion for his work is immeasurable, this shows in the client base he has. He has been helping clients achieve the goals that they only dreamed of and has been tirelessly doing this for more than 20 years. Title winners and corporate professionals, as well as clients wanting to be the best they can be, fill Ian’s day. Ian has trained with the best and studies his standard of work constantly. ‘You should never stop learning’ is one of Ian’s mottos.

He often travels to the USA to improve and refine his art. Working recently with the great Robby Robinson–this again moved Ian forward. He is also a great believer in the power of the mind, knowing that this area is the key to unlocking potential from a client. He knows what buttons to press and how to bring out the best in the client. Ian is and has over the years been a leader in training principles and nutrition ideas, he is copied many times but never duplicated.

He is a sort after Guest Poser and seminar speaker, conducting seminars in gyms up and down the country and also in supplement outlets. Ian owned and ran one of the most successful gyms in the UK. Future Bodies Gym was a 10,000 sq ft home to many champions and successful clients alike. Future Bodies was sold in 2002, since then Ian has concentrated on his BodyInDesign Personal Training business, phone consultations business and maintaining his website and product sales. Ian is very goal orientated and has achieved each of the goals he set out to do, such as – Writing 4 books – Producing training DVD’s – Producing a subscription only magazine – A supplement company – Designing and producing training t-shirts – Producing motivational art work.

It is safe to say that Ian gets the most out of each day and he has that rare combination these days of knowledge and experience. Professional Background . Director of bodyindesign Ltd . Personal Trainer . Author . Illustrator . Contributing writer to other websites and magazines Significant Accomplishments . 1989 – Mr Natural Britain . 1995 – Mr Natural Britain . 1999 – Mr Natural Europe . 2005 – 2nd in the Natural Pro Am . 2005 – 4th in the Natural World Championships . 2006 – 2nd in the BAWLA Powerlifting British Championships. 2007 Pro Am winner–Guest Star at the NPA British–2007 World Championships winner. . Winner of more than 25 other regional bodybuilding titles Ian has had more Area and British title winners as clients than anybody else and has been doing this for at least 20 years.

Ian’s area of experience is in the training of figure girls, he has had winners and top placings in this class, both in British and International competitions, for many years. Ian has been a featured writer in Hardgainer magazine and has been featured in many books and publications over the years. Ian has published four books that were sold in major book stores and supplement companies in the UK. They still sell now on the internet through his website to all corners of the globe.

Ian has also produced two training video DVD’s that have achieved the same results as the books. TV Appearances . Calendar . Sky TV . Look North . Radio Leeds . BBC tv inside eye. Featured Articles . Hardgainer magazine . Featured model in Stuart McRobert’s ‘Build muscle, lose fat’ book in 2006 . Health and Strength magazine . Musclemag International- feature writer for 4 years . Bodypower . Bodybuilding Monthly . The Beef magazine . Yorkshire Post . . . Allsports . Maximuscle . Numerous other health and fitness publications over the last 20-25 years. Individual Athletes . Jenny Garside – 4 time Britain winner and 2nd in the World Championship ladies figure class 2005–Winner BNBF British 2007 –NPA British 2007 –Worlds 2007. . Claire Cotter – British Finals winner and 3rd in the World Championships 2006–2nd–NPA British 2007. . Karen Wriggles – Mike Williams Classic winner . Michelle Clift – UK winner and 3rd twice at the British Finals. . Debbie Scholefield – Yorkshire winner–3rd NPA British 2007. . Julie Ainsworth – Multi title winner . Lynn Beman – Title winner . Annie Davis – Yorkshire winner and British finalist . Frances Walton – Title winner . Andrew Barber – British Under 21 winner . Rob Gorry – Title winner . Ian Cooper – Multi title winner . Helen Everson – Title winner . Gayle Bellamy – British Under 52kg winner . Local TV stars . Phil Guy – Multi title winner .

And more than 60 other title winners and finalists over the last 20 years. Corporate Clients . Walkers Transport . Nick Marr . Dave Symon. Nutrition Companies who have supported Ian . Allsports International . Maximuscle . Udo’s Oil . Natural Nutrition Products . Organic Foods Currently Ian is supported by ‘AST Sports Science’ supplements, his clients are also. . Many more camps at Bodyindesign. . New vidoes on youtube. . 2-New books in 2009 .

Continue to help clients achieve their goals Ian has created a name for himself in the world of figure, bodybuilding and natural health. His passion and innovation have kept him at the top for years. He is truly a trainers’ trainer – in fact his nickname is The Guru. Need we say more? Areas for more info: Short and sharp book—True Grit book—bodyindesign web site—look for articles on this site and others featuring Ian.

Who I’d like to meet:
I have met most of my hero’s Robby– Arnold–Stallone–Labrada. I never got to meet the now passed away Arthur Jones. He was an awesome man that changed the industry I am in today.

Be sure to visit Ian’s website,



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