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MSM Reader Spotlight: Rosa Fields

At the age of 25, I was a mother of three BEAUTIFUL little girls and became pregnant with my son. My pregnancy was extremely difficult and my weight was out of control. Not being able to walk due to the amount of weight I gained was devastating to me.
After I had my 10-pound baby boy, I experienced the “Baby Blues.” I didn’t understand what was happening to me physically and emotionally. Not only was my health in jeopardy, I also became a single mother and faced many challenges.
Refusing to be put on medication, I began to train and six months later, I was a new woman. Exercising gave me the strength and confidence to continue fighting through many challenges.


Now as a single mother of five children, I have been able to inspire and motivate other women. Many women come up to me and tell me how my pictures and videos have helped them. One mother in particular shared with me that she kept her baby after seeing my story on Facebook.
I would love the opportunity to touch many more lives and help this new generation embrace a healthier lifestyle.
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