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Why a Kyrie Irving – Carmelo Anthony Trade Makes Sense

Jim Leary

Trade rumors in sports are nothing more than the old ‘shithouse rumors’ that change at every stall and another “pass it on” saying. But every once in a while if even the simplest of potential deals are analyzed, they seem to make sense for everyone involved.

Such is the case with the latest one in the NBA that involves Kyrie Irving and Carmelo Anthony. Sure, there are many other components involved (such as other players, draft picks and even additional teams), but those are the big ticket names on the table.



Irving blindsided his employer by asking to be traded and leaving a potential $200 million max deal on the table. But that is exactly what Irving did to the Cleveland Cavaliers and it has only turned uglier with information getting out that he is only doing so because he is sick and tired of playing in LeBron James’s shadow.

The three-time defending Eastern Conference champions will not let their second best player go without a hefty return, so that is where the third team comes in. The latest rumor has the Phoenix Suns a part of this and Eric Bledsoe headed to Cleveland to take over the point guard spot vacated by Irving.

Anthony would pick up the scoring lost but the Cavs would need to shed another contract to fit the new players under the cap, so someone such as Kevin Love, J.R. Smith or Iman Shumpert would be on the move, as well.



Anthony has been shopped by the New York Knicks and seemed ready to give in to a buyout at some point just to get him out of town and ‘officially’ be in a total rebuilding stage. So to even be having a conversation mentioning a name like Irving is major progress.

Bringing in the 25-year-old Irving does not throw a monkey wrench into the rebuild and the perennial All-Star would become the instant poster boy for the Knicks. Kristas Porzingis may be close, but he would be much better off without the full spotlight on him as he learns the game more and more.

First round draft pick Frank Ntilikina would be part of this deal, with the French point guard replacing Bledsoe and the Knicks may also have to sweeten the pot with a future first rounder and also take on another contract from Phoenix. But they come out way ahead in this deal just by the subtraction of Anthony.


Getting Ntilikina on a team that needs to start over is a good move. Bledsoe is a talented player, indeed, but the Suns are looking to rid themselves of some bigger contracts and would probably look to push Tyson Chandler out the door, too. But there’s also some rumblings that they would be interested in Love. Stay tuned…

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