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Super Sets For Arms

We all have been there. You know, those mornings where we have hit the alarm off button instead of the snooze and lost a half hour or more of quality gym time. But instead of blowing off an entire body part, you can get it all in by implementing super sets.


Not every body part is condusive to this, however, so hopefully on these days where you fuck up and roll out of the fart sack late are ones that you can pull this off. So let’s use arms as an example.


Maybe you train biceps and triceps on separate days, but for this article, we’ll have you training them together. This is interchangeable; you can mix chest and tris, here, too. But if we gave you every possible combination, we would all fall asleep before it’s done – writing and reading.


So you finally made it to the gym and have a short window to get 12 sets in for each body part. If you’re going to super set, you can’t have some other asshole stroll over and change the grip on the cables while you’re doing the first part. So what you need to do are movements that can be done either on the same machine or within reach of each other.



Biceps – Seated alternate dumbbell curls

Triceps – Seated behind-the-head French presses (either dumbbell, EZ-curl bar or barbell)




Biceps – Standing cable curls

Triceps – Cable pushdowns




Biceps – Scott curls with EZ-bar

Triceps – Dumbbell kickbacks




Biceps – Concentration curls

Triceps – Close-grip bench press


Keep in mind that you will have to lower the weight slightly from your norm since you need to have enough strength and energy to complete the triceps movement after pre-exhausting your arms with the biceps one.


But if you maintain strict form and do 10-12 reps per set, your arms will be so pumped by the time you’re finished that holding the steering wheel for the drive home will be a challenge.



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