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The Amazing Solution to Quickly Transform Your Physique

Whether you are trying to pack on muscle, shed the pounds, or boost athletic performance, finding the right formula can be a challenge. With a powerful nutritional blend that consists of zinc, magnesium, and Vitamin B6, Hybrid Boost’s Hybrid Sleep allows you to enhance testosterone levels while you snooze.


Considered to be the hormone used to develop male traits, increase muscle mass, and enhance bone density, Hybrid Sleep will quickly make an impact on testosterone levels, as it will improve your physical, emotional, and sexual wellbeing. For instance, with the help Hybrid Sleep, you’ll be able to build bulging muscles so you can improve your physical appearance and boost your self-confidence. Since testosterone enhances lipid mobilization from adipose tissue, Hybrid Sleep will have an immediate effect on fat stores—causing you to lose weight and quickly increase lean muscle mass. In fact, according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Endrocrinology and Metabolism in 2007, there were decreases in body fat and lean mass increases in HIV-positive obese men given testosterone therapy.


According to another study in 1999 that was conducted at the School of Exercise Science and Sports Management at Southern Cross University in Australia, male weight-training individuals demonstrated increases in arm girth, and a reduction in body fat after a 12-week cycle of testosterone intake. With its high zinc content, Hybrid Sleep enables you to considerably improve androgen levels.  For instance, in the 2013 Nigerian Journal of Physiological Science review, it found that rats who took zinc for six weeks showed testosterone level growth compared to rates who did not take the supplement. In addition, animals who took zinc also boosted sperm quality. Furthermore, researchers at Wayne State Unviersity viewed a relationship between zinc and testosterone in healthy men between the ages of 20 and 80. The study found that after 20 weeks of zinc limitation, young men demonstrated a reduction in androgen levels, and older men who took the supplement, dramatically increased testosterone. This leads to a transformation in body composition, and allows for a better physique, thus helping you boost your overall self-image.


Hybrid Boost also aids in enhancing sexual performance. For example, with increased androgen levels, you can improve erectile dysfunction and libido loss. In a 2004 study published in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, researchers discovered that by enhancing peak testosterone levels up to 500 percent above baseline, individuals saw an increase in sexual arousability over placebo subjects. Increasing androgen levels also improves your overall emotional state, as it reduces negative thoughts that pertain to fatigue and anxiety. High in magnesium, this magical formula is able to synthesize protein, and helps increase muscle for improved lean body mass.


In a study that involved magnesium and testosterone production, the effect on strength development was evident in a double-blind, 7-week strength training program in 26 untrained subjects. There were 12 men who received magnesium, while the other 14 received placebos. Each person executed three sets of 10 repetitions of leg press and leg extension three times per week. Both groups experienced increased muscle mass and performance, but the bunch that consumed magnesium demonstrated a boost in androgen levels compared to the control group. This indicates that magnesium significantly increases production in testosterone and fuels the combination of proteins, which helps reduce fat mass for greater muscle growth for a leaner, more defined look.


As you can see, Hybrid Boost’s Hybrid Sleep powerfully increases testosterone needed to enhance strength and muscle mass so you can quickly improve your body composition.  Transforming your physique takes hard work, discipline, and the right formula—Hybrid Sleep. Are you ready to boost testosterone?


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