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Jason Genova Answers His Critics

In his own words, Jason Genova answers some of his critics who have been questioning a number of things about him. As hard as blogger Christian Duque finds it hard to believe, we here at MuscleSport, LLC consider him a friend and in no way, shape or form are trying to use him for our own benefit. From Day One, we wanted Jason to write/talk about being an inspiration for others with learning disabilities.

And, yes, he does actually write his own magazine column. Sure, we have to edit it and that is the case for all of our submissions; that’s part of the publishing business. Perhaps those who do not work in that field cannot grasp that every day aspect of it.

mSm publisher Joe Pietaro hosts MSTV’s MuscleSport Minute. (We apologize for the lack of production value on this clip as it is a Saturday and we are not at the office/studio but felt the need to get this video recorded and posted as soon as possible.)



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