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Does Weightlifting Get the Recognition it Deserves?

Fitness and well-being are things that most people in 2017 are well aware of, with a large percentage of adults around the world taking part in some form of exercise, whether that is just walking or something more strenuous like weight lifting or even the extreme sport of running a marathon.


Weightlifting is something associated with putting size on and ‘bulking out.’ However, there are certainly other perks to lifting weights, with the general feeling that it is now for everybody, whatever shape and size, not just those competing in body building or simply looking to add size to their frame.


Whilst cardiovascular exercise is better for stripping body fat and getting us into shape, weight lifting is beginning to become more popular with both males and females from various generations as they look to get in shape, with lifting weights particularly beneficial for us as we get older, adding lean muscle that is naturally lost.


Sport and Gaming


Weightlifting is a sport but it does not receive the same attention as other sports such as football and rugby, whilst other Olympic activities such as athletics steal the limelight more often. With games like FIFA, football can be a pastime even for people who have never kicked a ball in their lives. 


Similarly, online, you can find a number of slots and different games involving the beautiful game and tennis. When you browse games on the MobileWins website, for example, it’s possible to find titles like Virtual Tennis, which offers customers the opportunity to bet on each game point as well as the outcome of a set or match, whilst Football: Champions Cup includes free spins and bonus features.


Whilst media coverage and television coverage in football, rugby, and various other sports remain higher than weightlifting, it cannot be argued that the latter is not a growing hobby. The popularity of weightlifting is growing in the UK undoubtedly, with so many different public figures promoting their fitness regimes on social media or with other things including fitness DVDs.


A-list Influencers


The physique of footballers around the world is transforming, with Cristiano Ronaldo a player that defies the stereotype and obviously spends time lifting weights. Whilst other ‘celebrities’ away from sport are also promoting fitness and well-being, particularly reality TV stars, who are often posting videos of their weight training and advertising their supplements.


There are more and more positives surrounding weightlifting, with proof that it is good for our bodies and not just about vanity.


As a sport, it is becoming popular – perhaps not as popular as something like walking or running but there is certainly an increase in participation due to a combination of both promotion from public figures and the facts that are now behind it.


Weightlifting does not get the coverage of other sports, which is understandable to a certain level, with it not holding the suspense of a sport like football, but in a world that has a lot of focus on the well being of our bodies, something as effective should perhaps get more recognition for the impact it is having in society.


Not long ago, people looking to lose weight would turn to running or another form of cardiovascular exercise, which has proven to be effective, but, in 2017, weightlifting offers an alternative to developing lean muscle whilst also having other benefits.

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