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Introducing Hasan Banks, aka “Mr. No Excuses”

By Hasan Banks – I’m an NPC men’s physique competitor who in 2009 was unfortunately diagnosed with a neurological disorder called Spinocerebellar Ataxia type 7. This disorder impairs my motor skills, so I have issue with my walking, balance, coordination and speech. There is no known cure for this and I was told by many doctors that it wouldn’t be long before I would become wheelchair-bound.

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I spent the next few years very unhappy and I was blessed to see a way I might be able to better myself was increasing my health and fitness and I also figured I try the sport of bodybuilding. In 2012, I competed at a bodybuilding competition at the

Southern States Championships. The next few years were challenging as I focused on everyone but myself. In 2014, I set a goal to do my best and quality for a national event and I finished in second place at the 2014 Tampa Pro, which allowed me to accomplish my goal of stepping on the Arnold Classic stage in March 2015.

After the Arnold, my life began to change as I figured this was my path to help people believe and keep moving forward in life.  As I started moving forward, I had a serious medical issue as I got a staph infection which took me down mentally and was out the remainder of 2015. Through God’s grace, I found the strength to focus on what I can control and got myself back to compete at the 2016 Orlando Europa. Despite not being ready mentally and physically, I was blessed to work out and interview with Rich Piana at the Europa and a few weeks later, I was fortunate  – through never giving up – by being sponsored as an athlete with both Titan Medical Center and 5% Nutrition.


I now believe in myself and that I’m here to help people with my journey.





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