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Fuck the NFL

When politics become bigger than the game itself, something needs to change. Easier said than done, but until that time comes, we as a company have chosen to take a knee with the National Football League, if you will.

Although the National Anthem protest has been a hotbed of discussion since last season with Colin Kaepernick, it was taken to a new level on Sunday, September 24, 2017 when the majority of both the Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens took a knee during the playing of the National Anthem before a game being played in London. Then a few hours later, every member of the Pittsburgh Steelers – sans offensive lineman and former Army Ranger Alejandro Villaneuva – remained in the tunnel during the Anthem. (The Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans also protested in that fashion.)

This latest wave of NFL player protests stems from remarks by President Donald Trump, which were exactly what many people have been saying about this situation all along. At both a personal appearance and also on Twitter, Trump stated that NFL players who disrespect our flag and country should be suspended or fired by their respective teams.

How many times has this been said by fans calling into a sports talk radio show? It’s about time someone in political office took exception to this and had the guts to speak up about it. If a shit storm is necessary to eventually get this mess straightened out, then it will all be worth it. So even though we do not believe in boycotts, per se, and feel they do not have much of an effect, we have decided to ignore the NFL as a media outlet that has covered it since our inception in 2008.


So that means that one of our weekly programs, “NFL Coast-To-Coast,” will be coming to an end after the final episode on Wednesday, September 27, 2017. In it, a full explanation and discussion with our Instagram Live feed will take place. MuscleSport, LLC has always been pro-police, pro-military and pro-USA, so it has become very difficult to patronize the NFL with constant coverage when many of the players are shitting on all three.

Politics and sports do not mix, nor does racial divisiveness. And this is exactly what is happening with the NFL right now. And Trump’s remarks – while of course political because of his holding the highest office in our country – were done with the respect for the flag in mind, something that every president should consider a top priority.

The NBA has a rule in place stating that every player must stand during the playing of the National Anthem, and that is something that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should investigate. Then, and only then, will we as a media outlet change our stance.

Until then… Fuck the NFL.



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