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Arnold Classic Show Breakdown – 2 for IFBB Pro, 3 for Elite Pro

As heard first on MuscleSport Radio, the Arnold Classic shows worldwide will be divided amongst the two federations that recently split – the IFBB Pro League and IFBB Elite Pro. Wayne DeMilia, who will be running the amateur division in the United States for IFBB Elite Pro, had stated on the October 16, 2017 episode of our weekly live program that this would in fact be the case. And with the official press release Classic Productions, Inc., that has been confirmed.

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“The festivals in the USA and Australia will affiliate with the IFBB Pro League and the National Physique Committee (NPC) while the festivals in South America, Africa and Europe will work with the IFBB Elite Pro League and the International Federation of Bodybuilding,” the release read.


The one absence is Asia from the previous continents that have held an Arnold Classic.

Prior to this, the promoters of the Australia and Africa shows had announced their intentions, with the former staying with the Jim Manion-led IFBB Pro League and the latter joining the IFBB Elite Pro, which is being headed by Raphael Santoja.

It seemed obvious that Europe would go to the Santoja side since that show is held in Spain, the same country where the IFBB home office is located. But there had been questions regarding South America and Asia and now both have been answered.


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