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Meet UK Royal Marine/Bodybuilder Wesley Grant

Simon Howard

My name is Wesley Grant, 35, 6′ 3″  married father of two. I was originally born in South Africa and came to the UK to join the Royal Marines in 2006. I served RM HM forces for eight years, doing two tours of Afghanistan and also served as a skydiving instructor during my stint in the Armed Forces.


I thought that nothing could make me feel as proud as serving for my country – until I decided to pursue my dream of one day stepping on stage at a bodybuilding competition.I made this decision in January 2017 and hit the gym hard.

When I started training, I had no coach, no meal prep or professional nutrition advice, but was determined to learn and do it all myself. Along with hard work and a determination to get on that stage, I not only competed at PCA Hampshire, but placed 4th in the UK British Finals in the Muscle Model category up against the well-known bodybuilder Tom Coleman, which was an honor. This was the moment my dream came true, but I also realized that I deserved to be up against the best in the industry.


From PCA, I then knew that I had to step up the game and this when I worked alongside my amazing coach who has helped with all my diet and has been a huge support. Charlie Garforth has been more than a coach to me and I consider him as my brother now.


I competed at the Miami Pro only four months later and this was when everything kicked off and I couldn’t contain my emotions. I won the Muscle Model category and gained my pro card at the Miami Pro Amateur Universe Championships. That led me to Pure Elite World championships only one week later – competing against the big boys now!


With my wife and children cheering me on from the sidelines, I wanted to really prove myself this time… and boy did I do that! Winning the Pure Elite Pro Muscle Model category proudly and becoming  the NEW Muscle Model PRO world champion, also winning the Pure Elite Pro Muscle Model Over 35+ category, becoming a two-titled world champion. If that was not enough, I finished the day by placing second overall in the whole competition.


I’m still in shock and can’t actually believe it all, as I’m just a normal family guy with a full time job who travels all over the world and sometimes can’t even get to a gym.I truly feel my Royal Marine ethos has helped me through this all and will continue to help me through the rest of my life. My journey has only just began and it all started when I stopped making excuses!!!


Insta: @big_granty

Facebook: Wesley Grant

Snapchat: Big Granty


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