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Is New XFL Part of Vince McMahon’s Announcement?

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As if the National Football League didn’t have enough to deal with in a rocky season for public relations, ratings and sponsors, the once-proud staple of Americana may also have a legitimate rival on its hands very soon… and it will be one that we here at MuscleSport Media speculated only 13 days ago.

WWE kingpin Vince McMahon  – who launched the Xtreme Football League in 2001 and ended up folding it after that lone season due to financial losses – is putting the pieces in place to give it another shot, according to this statement released by the WWE:

“Vince McMahon has established and is personally funding a separate entity from WWE, Alpha Entertainment, to explore investment opportunities across the sports and entertainment landscapes, including professional football. Mr. McMahon has nothing further to announce at this time.”

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Our sports insider “Keefus” came up with a very interesting “What If” scenario in a post on December 13 with the XFL having a much better chance of succeeding now with all of negative attention surrounding the NFL. Perhaps McMahon is fan of mSm…

If he is, our article had a few suggestions that would resonate with the frustrated former fan base of the NFL and give the ‘New XFL’ an immediate chance at making an impact.

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“Just imagine the hashtags a league such as the XFL could use today to bring in an audience,” our article read. “Patriotism, pro-police and national pride are three that would seem to be no-brainers, as is a league-wide rule that ALL players must stand properly for the National Anthem (ie: no fist salutes that signify more anti-police rhetoric with the domestic terrorist organization The Black Panthers who made killing cops part of their platform).

There is supposed to be an announcement to follow concerning Alpha Entertainment at a press conference scheduled for January 25, 2018.


Special thanks to our sports insider Paul “Keefus” Revere for the idea behind the original article


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