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How to Avoid Post-Workout Skin Breakout

Since the late 80s, there has been much talk about exercise and the detrimental effects it supposedly had on a person’s skin. It was thought that people who exercised released great amounts of sweat from their skin which clogged their pores and created horrible-looking breakouts. At a certain point in time, people even had an excuse to avoid the healthy habit of being physically active due to such concerns.

Nonetheless, extensive research and experiments have managed to provide substantial evidence proving that sweat has nothing to do with skin imperfections. In fact, doing exercises or practicing a kind of sport is quite beneficial for your overall health, and could even help you get more out of your weekly endeavors at the NetBet sport section. Optimize your workout and your skin health after each session using the following guidelines:


  1. Avoid working out with makeup on!

Women use makeup to hide or accentuate certain parts of their outward appearance. While this may be good practice when wishing to look your best, it is highly recommendable that you cleanse your skin of all products and simply use a non-clogging moisturizer to keep it fresh during the exercise process.

  1. Hands off your face!

People have complained about experiencing skin breakouts all over their body, but are most concerned about their face. In order to prevent breakouts on this part of your body, or at least decrease the chances of such an outcome, it is best to keep your hands off your face. The equipment used for workout practices is a common source of bacteria, especially in public gyms or workout terrains, which is why it is best to keep it on your palms instead of spreading it all over your cheeks.

  1. Practice frequent exfoliation

This tip doesn’t refer directly to the workout process, but should still be taken seriously. Exfoliating your skin keeps it fresh and reduces clogging, which is why it is advisable that those practicing regular workouts develop a habit of doing it at least twice a week.

  1. Wash as soon as possible!

No study so far has shown a direct cause-and-effect relation between working out and washing yourself right after the process. However, that doesn’t mean that your sweat is the only threat to your skin – the bacteria mentioned above are still lurking around you. Hence, it is in your best interest that you try to schedule your shower time right after your exercise routine, or at least within the first hour.

  1. Regulate the room temperature!

Exercising at a lower room temperature causes less sweating and thus less toxins on your skin surface, which is why cooler environments are the preferable option. Those who work out at home or have private gym time will find this guideline much easier to follow than those that have to ‘collaborate’ with multiple gym members at a time. If no consensus can be reached, you are always able to try an alternative solution, like jogging or doing outdoor exercises in the cooler hours of the morning or evening.

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