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Robby Anderson Arrest – More NFL Savagery

Wikipedia Commons/Labeled For Reuse, Sunrise PD

“While in the back of my patrol vehicle, Robert (Robby Anderson) stated that when he got out, he was going to find my wife, fuck her and nut in her eye.”

In any other profession besides being an NFL player, an arrest report narrative like that would seem like quite the issue and something that would result in costly pending discipline. But it’s par for the course with what has become a league that is wrought with a criminal element, the type that seems to be worn like a badge of honor. And any time that it can be anti-police, so much the better.

Anderson, 24, is a second-year wide receiver for the New York Jets and is two-for-two as far as the ‘arrests-to-years’ ratio goes. This is his second time in the pokey, but the latest scuttle with the law makes last year’s single felony count collar appear like a JD card in comparison.

At 2:15 AM early Friday morning, the undrafted wideout from Temple University injected himself into what became a long police chase and a game of ‘fuck-fuck’ with the eventual-arresting officer from the Sunrise, Florida Police Department. While on an unrelated car stop, Jonathan Hennessy observed Robinson driving a white SUV at a rapid pace, slow down to stare at him and then accelerate the vehicle, driving at a high rate of speed. Officer Hennessy then returned to his marked police vehicle and pursued the SUV, clocking it at 105mph in a 45mph zone – for three quarters of a mile.


During the chase, Robinson blew three red lights, was swaying all over the road and even had the balls to slow down a few times to allow Officer Hennessy to get close, only to hit the gas and extend the distance between the two vehicles. After a period of time, Robinson eventually stopped and Officer Hennessy approached, ordering him out of the vehicle. But the reckless Robinson forgot to put the vehicle in park and it began to roll forward. Eventually, Officer Hennessy and his back-up were able to apprehend Robinson and place him under arrest. That’s when the pure savagery of the incident occurred, with Robinson making his sexual threats against the spouse of a man who was merely doing his duty. 

Robinson was charged with two felonies, three misdemeanors and five traffic violations.

Sounds like an open and shut case, right? Of course not in today’s warped racially-based society. Robinson’s lawyer Ed O’Donnell pulled out that same trusty card that makes many white people shutter, especially when the police are involved with the ‘wrong’ color combination.

The ‘mouthpiece’ said that Robinson told him that he “could have wound up dead” and O’Donnell asked the rhetorical question, “What happens to young black men when they are stopped for a traffic offense,” according to the New York Post.

Yes, Robinson is one hundred percent correct; he most certainly could have would up dead. But not at the hands of the pursuing police, but rather because he was driving in such a reckless manner that it is a shock there were no injuries or deaths as a result of his actions.


The Jets are known for slapping their players on the proverbial wrist when it comes to incidents just like this. Need proof? Just look up the Sheldon Richardson car chase. And because Robinson has been a very productive players (over 900 receiving yards this past season), he will in all likelihood receive a light suspension from the league (Richardson received a mere single game in a similar incident, sans the shooting a load in the arresting  officer’s wife’s eye statement) and was back on the field the following week. Head coach Todd Bowles doesn’t seem too interested in running a tight ship, thus the disastrous back-to-back campaigns for the team. 

The NFL will never regain the respect that it once had due to the National Anthem protest; that’s a foregone conclusion. The fans who have tapped out – as well as us as a media outlet taking a stance – will never return and it will be interesting to see how bad the ratings are for this year’s Super Bowl. But with more Police Blotter-type stories like this, even more fans on the fence will say enough is enough.

It’s as if it’s a league-wide version of “The Longest Yard.”



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