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Muscular Development Pussies Out on Bostin Loyd

It wasn’t a matter of ‘if,’ but rather ‘when.’ But this was even a quick trigger for the shaky staff at Muscular Development, known throughout the bodybuilding/fitness industry for self-censorship that has become comical in nature – even in the opinion of their ever-dwindling faithful followers. Approximately 24 hours after they posted the first (and now last) episode of “Real Talk With Bostin Loyd,” Muscular Development deleted the video from their website.

Loyd, who is known for being quite controversial and a MuscleSport Magazine columnist since 2015, was promised by Muscular Development Online Editor-in-Chief Ron Harris that his videos would in no way, shape or form being edited or censored and thus the only reason why he agreed to become involved with them in the first place. But they were unable to hold up their end of the agreement.

“Everything that I said was truthful; he (Steve Blechman, owner of Muscular Development) just didn’t like the way that I was roasting people,” Loyd said in an exclusive interview with mSm. “Ron (Harris) wanted it up; Steve made him take it down.”

The following day, Harris posted a video in his “Ask Ron” series entitled “Why did [sic] MD take down [sic] the Bostin Loyd show [sic]?” in which he stated that “as soon” as he watched it, he “immediately had concerns” and that “others (on) the MD staff also had concerns.”

Harris continues, “We decided… it was a group decision, eventually, that we had ethical reservations about some of the content. It wasn’t really a good fit for MD; it was in our best interests to take the video down.”

So which version  – both stated by Harris – is the accurate one? Was it Blechman’s sole decision or one of the “group” variety? Saying “we decided” certainly sounds as if Harris was in full agreement with this and told Loyd an inaccuracy for reasons only known to him.

Regardless, Harris was correct when he said that Loyd is not a good fit for Muscular Development. They are a lap dog for the federations they cover and shutter at the mere thought of going against the grain or thinking out of the box.

In the wise words of Big Lenny of The Delray Misfits, they are the epitome of “cookie cutter.”

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