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NPC Figure, WPD Competitor Jennie Porcelli

Courtesy of Jennie Porcelli

Complied by Tim Tibbs, Mix It Up Sports, LLC – I started competing in bodybuilding when I was 15 year old under the guidance of Mr. USA John Defendis.  I went on to place in the NPC Teen USA, Teen Florida, Sunshine State and Ms. West Palm Beach.  I stopped competing in my early 20’s but I continued training. In that time, I had three children and home schooled all of them from elementary through high school.

At 45, I decided to get back into competing and started in the bikini division, placing in the NPC Sunshine State.  Then I moved up into the figure and women’s physique categories. I placing in the NPC Southern States, Championship Harbor Classic, Hurricane Bay Championship, Florida State and Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh.  I also qualified for Nationals in physique and figure in 2017.

I’m also an IFPA Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Medicine Specialist and was named  Rrainer of the Month. I’m also an ambassador for Warhammer Gym Gear.

I enjoy motivating people to achieve their personal best.

My favorite quotes are “The journey is part of your victory,” “Age is just a number,” and “Fear and victory have one thing in common – they both start in your mind”

I want to thank MuscleSport Magazine and Mix It Up Sports for giving me this opportunity. I am honored and very grateful.


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