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Meet Bodybuilder Katie Davies

Courtes of Katie Davies

Complied by Tim Tibbs, Mix It Up Sports – Katie Davies or as she is known Katietrainsalot is a bodybuilder, power lifter and Ironman who has competed in the fitness industry since the age of six in a vast number of sports. Starting off  as a child competitive sprint swimmer before competing nationally as an acrobat until a back injury cut her career short she moved into the field of mixed martial arts and earns her black belt in only a few short years before coaching women’s self defence classes back in her hometown in Wales.


Katie qualified as a personal trainer and began sharing her passion for training and sports with others at her own personal training studio which she ran for over a decade. Whilst doing this she embarked on her next challenge of endurance sports and spent years competing competitively as an endurance runner, wanting to see how much further she could push her body and physical limits she embarked on a jounrney to become an ironman.



Katie loved the mindset and metal strength that an ironman athlete needs to posses to able to push their bodies forward hour after hour. The long days outside cycling in the rainy mountains of Wales, pounding the tarmac hour after hour and battling the rough swells swimming in the freezing Welsh seas made her the inspiring athlete she is today. She says “nothing tests your committed to a sport and your dedication for being the best like having your alarm go off at 5am, looking out of a frosted window and thinking I need to get my bike shoes on and head out there for an 8 hour mountain climb, the adrenaline rush when you make it to the top of a big climb is totally worth it.” 


After completing the ironman circuit she decided to step down from endurance sports and took up body building and power lifting to help rebuild her muscles and body from years of endurance abuse. She say’s “The difference in training methods and mental capacity from doing an ironman to lifting heavy was tough for me to adjust to at first. I used to go into my early weight lifting sessions and train for hours the same as I would do for endurance sports. I would keep the reps high and the weight low which allowed me to go and go for hours with very little results. After working with some amazing coaches and pros within the field I started adjusting to the pain of lifting heavy, hitting the session hard and leaving knowing that in an hour I’d push my self to my limit so there was no way I could have keep lifting at that instsity for hours.”


She managed to pack on a fair amount off muscle over the last two years especially on her upper body because of her background in gymnastics and swimming, currently focusing on her weak area her legs she is loving the results of pumping iron in the gym.  After moving to Mexico a year ago to set up a beach gym in Mexico owned by her partner Ali she met an amazing Pro WBFF bodybuilder Michelle McDonald who spotting her potential because of her natural size offered to coach her for my first ever Regional power lifting Comp in South Mexico. With only nine weeks to do it in the regime and training was tough and intense but after heading down to the regionals with her coach she surprised herself in finishing second in her weight category and qualifying for the Nationals a few months later. 


Michelle then suggested that she work with her to enter her first ever WBFF Body Fitness competition in LA in three months time. Now two months out and well into her prep she says “ the training I love the diet not so much, I must give credit to all the top bodybuilders out there who do this sport year in year out. I love food and have really been struggling with my moods since incorporating lower carb days into my diet its something. The hardest part is the heels walking and posing it’s tough, how any woman can walk all days in heels I do not know, I feel like a man in drag but Michelle has been awesome in trying to turn me into a cat walk queen.”


Her plan is to hopefully find a sponsor, build her own private training studio and to continue to travel the world working as an inspiring fitness instructor working with clients to enable them to reach their goals and realise their dreams just as she has done. Who knows what her next fitness endevor will be she say’s “I’ve always wanted to climb Everest,  or get that elusive Olympic medal that is missing from my trophy cabinet ….never say never, if you want it enough you will go get it.”


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