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More NFL Embarrassments – Duran Harmon & Michael Bennett

Another week and that can only mean that at least one – and in this case tw0 – NFL players stepped on their proverbial dicks with off-the-field incidents. Both Duran Harmon and Michael Bennett found themselves on the wrong side of the headlines for… ahem… misbehaving.

The Seattle Seahawks must be breathing a sigh of relief that Bennett is no longer their problem, with the mercurial and controversial defensive end being traded to the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles on March 14. Ironically enough, it was an incident at the previous Super Bowl where Bennett once again acted like a complete asshole.

No, he wasn’t playing in the game, but rather in NRG Stadium in Houston as a spectator and wanted to join his brother Martellus (then a tight end for the winning New England Patriots, who had a second half comeback for the ages against the Atlanta Falcons) on the field in celebration.


Heaven forbid that the stadium personnel asked Bennett to use a different entrance for field access. They weren’t preventing him from going, but merely asking him to follow the fuckin’ rules.  Houston police chief Art Acevedo quoted Bennett at a press conference with,”You all must know who I am, and I can own this motherfucker. I’m going down to the field, whether you like it or not.”

The 6’4″, 274-pound douchebag pushed his way through the staff members who were doing their job, with one of them a 66-year-old paraplegic woman, mind you, who suffered a sprained shoulder as a result. “Mr. Bennett might think that he’s an NFL player, and at that time and place, he thinks he doesn’t have to answer to police officer. I’m proud of the fact our department took the time to investigate this thoroughly,” Acevedo added.

Bennett – who faces up to a decade in prison and a $10,000 fine – was indicted and an arrest warrant was issued after the grand jury voted on the felony charge of ‘injury to the elderly.’ It shall be interesting to hear Bennett’s line of bullshit once he surrenders to the authorities.

In Harmon’s case, he may have eclipsed the stupidity mark for even his brethren in a league full of incidents that meet that criteria. The New England Patriots safety was busted in a Costa Rica airport for trying to smuggle marijuana INTO the country after arriving there on a flight from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

According tho authorities, Harmon possessed 58 grams of cannabis inside a can of ice tea, three pipes with cannabis oil, a THC candy and four glass containers of compressed marijuana weighing 4.3 grams. Although it could have been much worse, the alleged stoner was detained before being placed on a flight back to the United States.


Irving Malespín, director of the Fiscal Control Police in Costa Rica had a mic drop moment with a statement that included, “We want to prevent undesirable people from entering the country.”

The Patriots put out a statement that was as helpful as used toilet paper that basically are withholding any further comment until gathering more information. Sorry, Pats. You are part of the problem if you are not infuriated that one of your employees who represents an organization that is supposed to be so high and mighty is not only smoking pot, but enough of an imbecile to bring his own supply into a country that surely has its own supply.

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