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Extreme Sports in Cambodia – What To Try

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If you are an adrenaline junky who likes to travel and find new ways to get a fix, then you should go to Cambodia and see what it has to offer. The fact that you can find rural areas more than urban jungles is a hugesellingpoint for all of you who like dirt biking and buggy fun. However, that is not all you can find. Cambodia is a developing country that tries to bring in more tourists, and the extreme sports niche is not forgotten. After all, there are more categories of tourists, and you are not doing all you possibly can if you do not try to make everyone happy. Below you will find the most attractive extreme sports you can experience in Cambodia. Enjoy!

Walk on water

If you choose to start your Cambodia tour of extreme sports on the coast, you will not regret it. Here, you can experience the popularwalk on water, and if you have some experience with a jetpack, you can dive like a dolphin. The jetpack is a powerful device that can lift you 15 meter into the air, and it will give you the thrills you are hoping for. Of course, flying over the blue waters is not for amateurs. Handling a jetpack needs some skills, but you should catch on quickly. Instructors are available, and they will be able to teach you to walk on water.

Hop on a dirt bike

Cambodia is full of rural roads, and as you can imagine, there is not much asphalt or concrete there. That makes the roadsperfect for a dirt bike and some off-road riding. It is a very accessible sport, and you can find instructors and service providers all over the country. My suggestion would be to go for Siem Reap because they have the vastest range of dirt bikes. You can take your pick and ride over pot-holed roads and sandy lanes. It will be an unforgettable experience.

Are you up for some climbing?

If walking on water or dirt bikes are not your thing, you can try exploring Kampot’s countryside. You will be able to explore caves, abseiling, and rock climbing. The Phnom Kbal Romeas area hosts many caves you can see, caves which have been declared Natural Heritage Sites due to their geographical wonders. As you can imagine, you will not go alone on such a tour. Trained professionals are available to lead the expedition. You can also take a course if you have never done this before, and you can find high-quality equipment on site.

Do not forget about the skies

If you are not afraid of heights, then you should try and explore the skies in a microlight aircraft. It is a unique way to experience Angkor Wat, although you are notallowedto fly right above it. Even so, the scenery is mesmerizing. The tiny aircraft is able to reach 100 km per hour, so you get both the thrills and the sights. It is definitely something you should try out.

Apart from the things mentioned above, you can also try some buggy fun atmultiple locations, and do not forgetabout trekking. The point is that Cambodia is not a destination you should overlook if you are looking to get an adrenaline rush. At the same time, getting there is easy. Cambodia issues electronic visas. All you need is a passport and a few other things. A passport is also required.However, that is even easier to get. Furthermore, if you mix extremesports with some sightseeing, you will enjoy an unforgettabletrip.


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