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5 Quick Lunch Ideas for Keto Dieters

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Don’t we all eagerly wait for the lunch break to bring us respite and cater to our taste buds! It surely won’t be wrong if we tag the lunchtime as the tastiest break during the day. Today, we shall talk about five delicious lunch ideas which can satiate your hunger buds without adding to your waistline. While on a keto diet, dieters mostly opt for bulletproof coffee, as a potent breakfast option given the constant rush we are under. Dinner time also gets sorted with the abundant time we have in hand to cook up a storm in the kitchen. But the real question arises during lunchtime when we are already at the office or running late to pick up our children for school. However, coupled with these lunch recipe ideas, you can get your snack time game on point while benefitting from the abundant health benefits and at the same time, save money by using sams club promo codes.


  • Sugar-Free Chewy Granola Bar


This delicious snack filled with flavour and crunch can serve both as a filling breakfast and lunch option. But the granola bars available at grocery stores come loaded with sugar which can derail you from your ketogenic diet. You can also make this delectable snack at home by just making some minor adjustments without ruining your health commitment. The fantastic mixture of nuts, cranberries and seeds pave the way for the perfect low-carb recipe which can be enjoyed by you at any time of the day.


  • Protein Smoothies


Stay hydrated during the scorching summer months while satiating your hunger pangs coupled with the protein smoothies which can be tried out in an array of flavours. However, to benefit the most out of the Keto protein shake, you need to ensure at least 20 grams of protein content in every scoop with the carbohydrate mark fixed at 5 grams per scoop. You can enhance the energy boosting and fat burning properties of your shake further by adding some MCT powder or oil.


  • Keto Avocado Toast


Instagram is already flooded with people sharing their thoughts about this healthy and tasty lunch option of avocado toast which can be enjoyed without any dietary restriction. The avocado is scooped out into halves and placed on each slice of the toast with some pistachios, and diced tomato sprinkled over the same. As a final dressing, extra virgin olive oil is drizzled over the avocado toast.


  • Taco Soup Crockpot Recipe


This soup brimming with the delicious favour of perfectly tender beef and taco is best enjoyed during the colder months. Apart from satisfying your stomach, it can also fill up your home with a scintillating aroma as you prepare this tasty meal. Its hands-off cooking approach can serve you perfectly well as you inculcate this into your flexible cook schedule. However, you need to make sure that the beef becomes adequately brown before it is being tossed into the crockpot. Cheese provides the soup with a creamy base which erupts into a fusion of flavours sprinkled with onions and other seasonings.


  • Grilled Turkey Burger


This dish, which can be put together in less than twenty minutes’ tags along delicious flavours, is bound to mesmerize you. And the best thing about this healthy snack is that it can be cooked using easily available ingredients such as fresh parsley and chopped onions.


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Just when you thought that being on a keto diet would limit your food consumption to green veggies, you can any day feast on bacon, eggs, cheese, sausage and much more tasty items without getting derailed from your health goal. These savoury recipes can comfortably fit into a superb brunch menu to keep your health-conscious guests yearning for more.

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