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Women’s Physique Division Pro Vernecia Adams

Compiled by Tim Tibbs – I am the proud owner of a personal training & nutritional business called PBM Fitness & Nutr. (PrettyBeastMode Fitness & Nutrition LLC), professional women’s physique competitor, sponsored athlete & fitness model recently earning my NSL Pro card in September 2017.  I have competed in many bodybuilding organizations past 2 years to really get an overall feel of the sport I am so passionate about. Bodybuilding as given me a new goal to chase, challenging my mental toughness the most, as well as, physical being. Coming from 238lbs at the very start of my fitness journey, just looking to make some changes to feel better about myself as blossomed into successful certified fitness professional career the last 8 years, and building a successful empire from my passion diving into entrepreneurship the last 4 years.  Showing clients the benefits of being health and strong which exercise and proper diet.


I truly love to make a difference in people’s lives and show my diverse clientele that you can turn situations around if you take those thoughts and make a plan.  Then turn that plan into ACTION steps. Those action steps become small successes, which leads to achieving MAJOR GOALS. This is what I call GOALCHASING!! Small steps taken daily!! I truly believe that change begins in the mind because I have experienced and overcame many battles in life, as well as, advancing in the sport of bodybuilding because I choose to fight to be the best version of myself where I was in my journey. I teach my clients the same mentality and this leads everyone’s success.

Prepping for upcoming 2018-competition season, I am humbled and honored at the opportunities I continue to receive as fitness model, Pro Women’s Physique competitor, and motivational speaker sharing my journey and teaching others how to overcome obstacles.  I am excited for my Pro-debut this season and all the traveling I would be doing to inspire lives across the nation. I am truly living a life of abundance – living a life you love, & loving the life you live!!


Special thanks, love, and support to Mix It Up Sports and MuscleSport Magazine for giving amazing athletes the opportunity to share and showcase who we are and what this awesome sport is all about.


Vernecia Adams

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